Top 10 Celebrity Hard Seltzer Collaborations That Need To Happen

Celebrity Hard Seltzers

Since Celebrity Hard Seltzers Seem to Be a Regular Thing Now, We Made Our Own List

— We get it. Seltzer is your jam. Whether it’s flavored with the sharp taste of ginger or the sweetness of strawberries, it’s your go-to drink when you want something refreshing with just the right amount of alcohol. And you’re not alone. In fact, celebrities aren’t only consuming seltzer, but they’re using their star status to collaborate with beverage brands and create their own celebrity hard seltzers. We see you, Luke Bryan and your fabulous flavor lineup (hello Peach Tea and Blueberry Lemonade) with Two Lane.

Not to be outdone, rapper Travis Scott has partnered with AB InBev to create his own celebrity hard seltzer with Cacti Agave Spiked Seltzer. Although it sounds like something that influencers sip at resorts in Sedona, it was inspired by Scott’s love for tequila, but we digress. After all—not that we don’t care about current collabs—but this lineup is to grab the attention of the A-list. So, here are our recs for the star-studded seltzers that are on our wish list.

Vanilla Ice Cold Seltzer

Vanilla Ice

— When your name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, it just makes sense to come up with a stage name like Vanilla Ice. The moniker also lends itself to a seltzer collaboration just waiting to happen. We suggest that you chill the cans before consumption. After all, adding too much “ice ice baby” could dilute the flavor. As far as varieties, anything that pairs well with vanilla will do, but we think a quirky taste, such as Vanilla Pineapple, and a classic—Cherry Vanilla—should be first on the list.

Real Housewives Rosé Seltzer

The Real Housewives of New York— If anyone knows how to consume copious amounts of rosé, it’s The Real Housewives of Just About Anywhere. I mean, the ladies already have a branded rosé wine, so a seltzer should follow suit. Heck, if the girls don’t want to band together to create it, at least ONE of them should. After all, Sonja, Ramona, and Brandi all tried their hand at individually branded wines. We think that Kandi or Dorit could certainly rock their own versions of an easy sipping rosé seltzer.

Eminem’s Slim Shady Seltzer

Eminem— The name is what? The name is who? Well, in case you didn’t read above, the name should be Eminem’s Slim Shady Seltzer. And, there is truly no better name for a line of health-conscious hard seltzers. Although the beverages by Marshall Bruce Mathers III (aka Eminem) would skimp on calories, sugar, and carbs, they should make up for it in creative flavor combinations, such as Blackberry Lime and Pomegranate Plum. And a top-seller for sure would be 8 Mile Mango!

Barry Manilow’s Seltzacabana

Barry Manilow— Music and passion are always in fashion, whether it be at the Copa or wherever in the world you happen to be thinking about Barry Manilow. The 1978 song is set north of Havana, so Manilow’s hard seltzers simply must have a Cuban twist. Variations like Banana Coconut, Vanilla Coffee, and Rum Touched would be perfect to reflect Havana’s laid-back vibe and penchant for love.

Spiked Lee Seltzer

Spike Lee

Spike Lee—real name Shelton Jackson Lee—(just to clarify, we’re testing out hard seltzers while writing this, so forgive the obsession with pseudonyms) is just begging to come out with a collection of spiked seltzers. We can feel it! The Atlanta native needs to tap into those roots with southern flavors like Spiked Lee Tea and Spiked Pea-ch. Hmmm…with names like those, maybe it’s time to stop testing while writing? Nah! We’re digging it after all.

Sarah Silverman’s Sassy Spiked Seltzer

Sarah Silverman— We love Sarah, and it’s no wonder why. The stand-up comedian, writer, singer, and actress is obviously multi-talented. In addition to her many facets, she’s also a no holds barred kind of gal. She’s not afraid to spice things up by saying what we’re all thinking anyway. Due to her unrelenting sass, we believe that flavors like Ginger Mango and Cinnamon Grapefruit would reflect Silverman’s spicy attitude perfectly.

Halsey’s Hard Seltzer


She may be Bad at Love, but we think that Halsey would be good at a hard seltzer collab, although we highly suggest that the singer-songwriter not do any taste testing while she’s pregnant. In celebration of her new motherhood, we recommend a line geared towards helping ladies chat and relax while off-duty. With varieties like Chamomile Hibiscus and Apple Cardamom, Halsey’s Hard Seltzers are sure to be a hit!

Hard Seltzer for The Weeknd

The Weeknd— After his stunning performance at Super Bowl LV, we think that The Weeknd needs to keep up the momentum. We can just picture it now—red and black cans with just the hint of shimmer would be spot on for this Canadian star’s branding. As far as varieties, anything vibrant and unexpected, like Pear Lemongrass, would do. However, we also feel that a nod to Canada like Butter Maple is a must as a flavor profile. Curious about his real name? We knew you would be. It’s Abel Tesfaye.


Aerosmith— We love it when old combines with new, and that’s precisely the vibe with our dreamed-up hard seltzer line by Aerosmith. The band, which was formed over 40 years ago, still has original members like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at the helm. Old-school cocktail-infused flavors, such as Cherry Bourbon and Lemon Gin, would make their hard seltzer stand the test of time, just like these hard rockers have.

HS by Harry Styles

Harry StylesWith a song entitled Watermelon Sugar (although we TOTALLY know what he’s really singing about), it’s natural to include it as a flavor of spiked seltzer. And we’re kind of in love with the name. I mean, if your initials could also stand for hard seltzer, then bring it on! Although, Harry, if you decide to go for it, we would like a slight nod. Other flavors could be equally as double entendre, such as Cherry Pie, but we’ll leave that up to Styles.

So, do you think that some more celebrity hard seltzer collaborations are on the horizon? We sure do, and we are SO here for it. Until then, just sit back, relax, and wait for us to review them for you. You know we’re just waiting for that next star-studded partnership. Until then, be sure to enjoy some bubbly this week!


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