Canteen Gin Spritz Canned Cocktail Review: Blossom

CANTEEN Gin Spritz Blossom Featured

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

CANTEEN Gin Spritz Blossom-2Canteen Gin Spritz Blossom is the Perfect Complement to Your Celebration

If you’re a gin enthusiast like us, then a gin spritz cocktail will be the perfect way to celebrate your love of the spirit. A gin spritz is an excellent, easy cocktail for every event. It’s delicious and refreshing with all of the right qualities to turn a boring day into an eventful one. We have the Austrians to thank for the spritz because they played a significant role in the history of the spritz cocktail. In the 19th century, the Austro-Hungarian troops arrived in Veneto and didn’t waste time-consuming some of the fine Italian wines. The wines were a bit stronger than they were used to, so they spritzed a little water to lower the alcohol content. Thus, the spritz cocktail was born. One option that particularly stands out as far as classic gin spritzes is the Canteen Gin Spritz Blossom. We tested it, and here’s our verdict.

Easy Gin Spritz

For those times you want a smooth canned cocktail, Canteen Gin Spritz Blossom is a perfect choice. It’s easy on the taste buds and ideal for sipping on any hot day. It comes with a light floral and fruity flavor and is made with fine ingredients. The first thing you’ll notice about this drink is its fine aroma. It’s difficult to place a finger on what the flavors will be from the floral bouquet, and yet it still invites you to take your first sip. Once you take the first sip, you’ll be greeted by the taste of lime and juniper – but with a nice sweetness. You’ll only taste the hibiscus when the drink settles in your mouth. The flavor keeps you asking for more. The drink is a combination of sophistication and class.

Delivers a Citrus Vibe

Here’s a drink that suits every event. If you’re a gin enthusiast, you’ll know that it doesn’t get better than the combination of classic gin and fruity flavors. That’s exactly what Canteen Gin Spritz Blossom brings to cocktail drinkers. Canteen makes their Blossom Gin Spritz with gin and natural flavors. Of course, they added some carbonation to make it a beauty to watch in a glass. Whether you prefer to drink directly from a can or you want to sip from a wine glass, this hard seltzer dazzles. It’s an excellent choice for a bridal shower or a spa day. Its floral scent will light up any atmosphere. Pour it into a glass and serve it with a light meal for an enjoyable evening.

A Perfect Brunch Cocktail

Canteen Gin Spritz Blossom offers you the perfect cocktail to complement your favorite brunch meals. It’s tasty and refreshing, creating a totally different experience of its own. Its 5% ABV is a low-average alcohol content for canned cocktails, so you can grab several cans at once during your next visit to the mall. And if you’re concerned about sugar, this one doesn’t contain any. Additionally, this one contains only 2 grams of carbs and 99 calories. Here’s a quick note: this hard seltzer is best served chilled, so we recommend preparing some buckets of ice before your party kicks off.

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