Bud Light Ugly Sweater Pack Review: Cranberry

Bud Light Cranberry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 83 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5%

Bud Light’s Cranberry Flavor The Lightest of Their Ugly Sweater Pack

Bud Light Cranberry Hard Seltzer— You’ve finally made it to the annual Thanksgiving family get-together. Uncles and aunts, grandparents, spouses and cousins, close friends and even their pets. Everybody is snug together this chilly autumn. You can smell that turkey roasting in the oven while everyone make their way to the dining table. You can’t hear a thing because everyone’s chattering away. And of course, the raucous cheers and jeers coming from the living room where the football game is on. Just then, someone opens the patio door to step outside. The nippy breeze wafts in, carrying aromas of the cold fall night to everyone’s noses and (somewhat impatient) palates. But wait, there’s also a sweet berry-like scent that’s dancing along in the breeze. Somebody just opened a can of Bud Light Cranberry Hard Seltzer. Now you’re ready for dinner!

A Good Holiday Seltzer

Part of the Ugly Sweater Variety Pack (aptly named for those holidays when everyone inevitably receives a heavily knitted, overly sentimental sweater and must wear it), Bud Light Cranberry Seltzer is a fine choice for the holiday feast. And here’s why. While cranberries are synonymous with this time of year, these ruby red berry drops adapt well to different roles. One sip of this hard sparkling water and you’ll find yourself transported to your childhood’s cranberry juice. While the delicate presence of the cranberry flavor leaves us craving for just a little more, it is nevertheless fresh and accurate to its name. For those without a sweet tooth, it proves a worthy companion.

Bud Light Cranberry Hard Seltzer Brings Almost Nothing to Dinner and That’s a Good Thing

For those counting calories and checking their fitness devices, worry not. This drink has a few good things to offer, without actually adding too much. With a modest ABV at five percent, this cranberry spiked seltzer can be mixed with a smooth vodka for an autumnal cocktail. For those who prefer more than just the hard sparkling water by itself, that is. Each flavor in the Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Pack has only a hundred calories, total carbohydrates at three grams and a single gram of sugar per serving. Not a hint of gluten, either. Just the natural flavor of cranberries — a little tart, a little sweet — enhanced with cane sugar and malted rice. The carbonation level is also good enough for the drinkers who enjoy that bubbly texture associated with most seltzers.

A Fine Cranberry Companion

This hard seltzer review revealed that cranberry definitely isn’t the Cinderella of the Bud Light Ugly Sweater Pack, but not quite the ugly stepsister, either. A humble alternative to wine, beer or even the gin and tonic, Bud Light Cranberry Seltzer isn’t a total disappointment. It definitely complements the flavors on the dinner table and the harder spirits with which it might be mixed. And the red coloring on the can for the cranberry flavor makes it memorable if you want to go back for seconds. Maybe it’s not your first pick out of the Ugly Sweater Pack this holiday season (you’ll definitely want to make that an Apple Crisp), but it’s a perfectly fine choice to share with family and friends this Thanksgiving.


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