Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer Review: Black Cherry


Rating: 83 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Bon Viv’s Understated Black Cherry Flavor Strikes a Nice Balance

Bon Viv Black Cherry Spiked Seltzer

— Mysterious, tempestuous, and riveting. Bon Viv Black Cherry Spiked Seltzer is as enigmatic as it is refreshing. Don’t be fooled by its pretty pink hue that catches the light when you raise your glass with joy. Its flavor — though somewhat delicate — still packs a punch. Yet the flavor is not quite as pungent as some of its black cherry rivals. It has a lighter feel and is slightly less confrontational with your taste buds. And that’s perhaps why you’ll find yourself reaching over and grabbing another from your fridge or cooler. The flavor entices you with its siren song. And with a modest 4.5% alcohol content, you won’t mind indulging yourself with one more of these hard seltzers.

Rosy Reminiscence

This rose-colored beverage is mild mannered. It has a flavor profile leaning towards a more traditional cherry rather than its bolder black cherry cousin. Its temperament and taste is subtle and its tiny bubbles are more flirtatious than fizzy. It’s actually a gentle and sophisticated seltzer. The more discerning drinker will appreciate its less aggressive taste and softer effects due to its lower alcohol content. Although, some critics may find its flavor comparable to a cherry-flavored cough syrup. Its lower carbonation levels are a pleasant surprise for the drinker. The bubbles are not overpowering and allow the black cherry flavor to come through after each sip. Not everyone likes the taste of cherry, but many of us have fond memories of this flavor as children. And Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer has delivered with a grown-up version of a cherry-flavored beverage that brings one back in time.

Bon Viv Black Cherry Spiked Seltzer Has All Natural Fruit Extracts

Now, let’s talk about what’s in this spiked seltzer, too. Or more specifically, what’s not in it. It boasts 0 grams of sugar and no barley or wheat. So it’s gluten-free, unlike other choices such as beer. Its flavoring comes from natural fruit extracts and it’s made using purified water. And for a black cherry hard seltzer with so much flavor, one serving only contains 90 calories. So enjoying a few of these seltzers is a relatively guilt-free experience. Zero sugar also means you can totally add a dash of cranberry juice or orange juice to create your own brunch bubbly without too much worry. And adding a splash of vodka or rum is just another way to take this black cherry hard seltzer to another level.

Bon Versatility

After reviewing and rating Bon Viv Black Cherry Spiked Seltzer, it’s fair to say that it’s a good all around hard seltzer. It’s the perfect companion at a party, for the beach, by the pool, or even tailgating at your favorite team’s pre-game. It’s most refreshing when enjoyed on hot summer days, but its pensive flavor is great during fall and wintertime, too. So as the holiday season approaches, don’t forget about the fond memories you made with this seltzer during summers passed. Take advantage of its diverse, fruity, and rich flavors when the days grow shorter. Introduce it at your holiday cocktail parties and leave your guests with visions of black cherries dancing in their heads.


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