Bev Wine Spritz Review: Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc

Bev Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 112

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 11.9%

Bev Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc is Perfect for Your Celebration

Bev Blanc California Sauvignon BlancWe’ve all been there. You’re set for your event, and everything is in check. But it still seems like there’s something left to do as you struggle to set the ambiance for your classy evening party. Food, check. Decorations, check. What are you missing? And then… boom. You know that it’s time to introduce a new wine choice to the mix. It’s the best way to spice up your party. An exciting choice that comes to mind is Bev Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc. First, the wine spritz comes in a can, making it portable and accessible to all of your guests. Second, the beautiful packaging makes it enjoyable and classy to serve. But how does it taste? We tested Bev Blanc to see how well it does, and here’s what we found.

A Refreshing Alternative to Contemporary Wine

Bev Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc is fast becoming a favorite party choice for many reasons. Pull it out at any event, and you’re golden. As soon as you crack open a can, the liquid’s soft aroma fills the room. Serve these cans chilled for best results. You can pour your drink into a wine glass or simply sip out of the can. Every sip is smooth, urging you to drink more. If you love Sauvignon Blanc, this offering will not disappoint. It has that classic kick. This wine spritz’s classy vibe makes it a drink of choice because of its refreshing and delicious attributes. It is succulent and juicy, with an easygoing aroma and flavor that urges every drinker on.

A Tasty Experience to Mark Every Event

Bev Blanc California Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing, especially when served chilled. But we must warn you that the 11.9% ABV is strong for a canned drink, and if you over indulge, you may end up feeling terrible the next day. That said, everything about this wine spritz shows Bev’s ability to produce a delicious, tart, and clean wine that suits every event. They did a great job with it. Added bonus, it is gluten-free and doesn’t contain any sugar. The carbohydrate content is also low at 2 carbs per serving. If you’re watching your calories, you don’t need to worry about this wine spritz. The calorie content is only at 112 calories.

A Refreshing Wine Experience

Wine is the drink of choice for every remarkable event, whether celebrating a marriage, baby on the way, or simply delighting in the company of friends. But carrying a big bottle of wine around is awkward and unnecessary. Not to mention, once you’ve opened the bottle, it only lasts so long. How many bottles end up poured into the sink at the end of the night? Bev provides a smaller alternative in a can. And you don’t need to make any sacrifices in the taste of the beverage. This wine is delicious, tart, and clean. 

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