Vizzy Hard Seltzer Review: Passion Fruit Watermelon


Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 5%

Vizzy Passion Fruit WatermelonVizzy Passion Fruit Watermelon

There’s nothing like a tropical holiday. You bask in nature’s quiet and peaceful surroundings. Maybe you stay in a villa or a tropical bungalow surrounded by your loved ones and the sweet sounds of nature. Wherever you are in the world, take one sip of Vizzy Passion Fruit Watermelon, and you will be transported to that tropical holiday. This hard seltzer combines the delicious flavor of passion fruit with the juicy taste of watermelon to create an intriguing hard seltzer option. We recommend this hard seltzer anytime you want an escape from reality, such as on the weekend or after a long day of work and other life obligations. We decided to test this hard seltzer, and here is our review.

Delicious Passion Fruit Flavor

This hard seltzer by Vizzy combines passion fruit and watermelon for an ideal combination. The ingredients include sparkling water, cane sugar, natural flavors, watermelon juice concentrate, citric acid, sea salt, dried acerola cherry juice, and stevia. This Vizzy Passion Fruit Watermelon Hard Seltzer also contains less than a gram of sugar, 100 calories, and is gluten-free. The flavors are natural, and the recipe is finely crafted for a delicious fruity taste that is light and refreshing. The sweet flavor combination is not overpowering, as is the case with many fruity hard seltzers. Instead, we find it to be an excellent balance of ingredients for a sweet yet refreshing flavor. 

The Right Amount of Sweetness and Carbonation

You will certainly notice the distinct taste of passion fruit. However, it does not overshadow the watermelon, which also provides a great taste. The combination works well together. It provides an optimal amount of sweetness to quench your taste and satisfy your sweet cravings. In fact, the sweet taste can, at times, make you forget that you are drinking an alcoholic beverage. This seltzer by Vizzy also offers the right amount of carbonation. The alcohol (5% ABV) provides a nice punch of alcohol to help you relax even more. The passion fruit has a tart and sweet flavor. The bubbles gives it an authentic hard seltzer vibe. There is also a nice, fruity aroma with this Vizzy beverage (and most Vizzy hard seltzers). Overall, it is a well-crafted adult beverage that is worth trying, especially if you enjoy the delicious flavor of passion fruit.

A Nice Addition to Any Cooler or Fridge

Vizzy Passion Fruit Watermelon offers a nice choice for hard seltzer lovers. Passion fruit is more of a unique option to choose for those who crave something different than the more traditional flavors (i.e., black cherry, lemon). We recommend this hard seltzer served as cold as possible. Consider adding it to your cooler for outdoor occasions, such as backyard cookouts, game-day tailgating, and trips to the beach. Overall, you should genuinely enjoy the unique combination of fruit flavors in this hard seltzer. Combined with less than a gram of sugar, this is a choice that is hard to beat. 

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