Vizzy Hard Seltzer Review: Blueberry Watermelon

Vizzy Blueberry Watermelon

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 5%

Vizzy Blueberry Watermelon

Vizzy Blueberry Watermelon

Blueberry meets watermelon for this delicious hard seltzer by Vizzy. Do you remember the first few chews of watermelon and blueberry bubble gum when you were a kid? This blueberry watermelon hard seltzer by Vizzy provides a similar juicy and flavorful experience, except it’s even better because it’s for adults and has alcohol. Each sip is packed with a delicious fruit taste. Many who have tried combining blueberry into their hard seltzer have failed to create a natural taste that is not overwhelming with artificial flavors. However, Vizzy Blueberry Watermelon has cracked the code and combined two of the most popular fruit ingredients for a delicious and balanced hard seltzer.

Fun, Light, and Fruity

This drink is fun. The blueberry flavor gives it more of a candy taste than other hard seltzers. Yet, it is still light and does not feel syrupy in the least. It goes down easy, and the carbonation only makes it that much smoother and filled with life. The blueberry watermelon combination is as fruity and juicy as a hard seltzer can get. Vizzy did an excellent job combining these two fruit flavors together for a sweet hard seltzer taste. Although the taste is certainly sweet and filled with flavor, we never felt overwhelmed by how sweet it was. Instead, it provided the perfect balance between sweetness and a light and refreshing taste. This seltzer is great for quenching a sweet tooth.

A Bubbly Blueberry Experience

The bubbles and fizz Vizzy Blueberry Watermelon provide takes this hard seltzer to another level. The carbonation is great — not too strong and not too light. Upon popping the can for the first time, you are likely to immediately notice the fizziness of the hard seltzer. The delicious aroma of blueberry and watermelon may also stand out. The taste to follow matches the aroma to create a memorable experience. There is a 5% ABV content, so you can expect a subtle kick of alcohol. There is less than one gram of sugar, only 100 calories total, and each blueberry watermelon hard seltzer is free of gluten.

A Good Choice for All Seasons

The blueberry watermelon flavor combination captures the vibe of all seasons of the year. During the summer months, it serves as an excellent refreshment on a hot day; it is also an excellent travel companion for trips to the pool and beach. They are excellent cooler additions for backyard cookouts with friends and family. For the late fall and winter months, the VIzzy Blueberry Watermelon Hard Seltzer is a delicious treat to enjoy while snuggled indoors after a long day. Enjoy it while watching a movie with the family and/or your significant other, or you can even crack one open and enjoy the sweet taste by yourself. Whatever the occasion may be, this hard seltzer is a great choice. We recommend it to those who enjoy an extra burst of fruit flavor with every sip.

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