VIDE Vodka Soda Review: Watermelon

VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon

Rating: 85 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

VIDE Vodka Soda WatermelonVIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon: A Hint of Summer’s Sweetness

Picture yourself on a sweltering summer day, the sun beating down relentlessly. You yearn for something to quench your thirst and offer a burst of refreshment. In such moments, nothing quite compares to the juicy, mouthwatering delight of ripe watermelon. Its vibrant pink flesh, punctuated by black seeds, exudes the essence of summer. With each bite, you’re greeted by a symphony of sweetness and a subtle, almost floral undertone. Now, imagine capturing this sensation in a can—the very essence of a summer watermelon, encapsulated in VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon. We decided to give this vodka soda a try, and here are our findings.

Savoring the Taste of Summer

Cracking open a can of VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon transports you to a sun-soaked memory. The aroma of watermelon candy envelops your senses, evoking the nostalgic delight of summers past. The taste? It’s a pleasant surprise. While the watermelon flavor isn’t as bold as the real fruit, it’s reminiscent of a faint Jolly Rancher watermelon candy, delivering a touch of sweetness without overwhelming your taste buds. The carbonation dances playfully on your palate, enhancing the overall experience.

A Hint of Watermelon Bliss

VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon boasts a refreshingly simple ingredient list: 6x distilled vodka, carbonated water, and natural watermelon flavor. This uncomplicated recipe ensures that the watermelon essence remains the star of the show. While it may not fully replicate the nuanced, sun-ripened watermelon experience, it certainly captures the spirit of summer in a convenient can.

With an ABV of 5%, VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon strikes a balance between spirited refreshment and moderate alcohol content. While it may not replicate the complexities of a crafted cocktail, it offers an accessible alternative. As with any cocktail, a bit of ice can elevate the experience. An ice-cold VIDE Vodka Soda seems tailor-made for beating the summer heat. At just 99 calories, with o grams of total carbs and 0 grams of sugar, it provides a guilt-free option for indulging in a touch of sweetness without the worry of over-indulgence.

A Subtle Summer Sipper

While VIDE Vodka Soda Watermelon may not be a game-changer in the world of alcoholic seltzers, it offers a modest and accessible option for those seeking a hint of summer’s sweetness. It may not transport you to a bustling beachside bar, but it can certainly accompany you on a picnic or a lazy afternoon by the pool. So, as you sip this watermelon-infused concoction, let it serve as a reminder of sunny days and carefree moments—a subtle summer sipper with a touch of sweetness.

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