Two Robbers Hard Seltzer Review: Peach Berry


Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5.2%

Two Robbers Peach Berry

Two Robbers Peach Berry

Peach and berry are the ultimate flavors that you crave when you want to sit back, relax, and soak in the sun on a nice day. They’re also a combination frequently used in desserts such as pies and cobblers. Two Robbers advertises its Peach Berry Hard Seltzer as “clean, crisp, and simple.” Two Robbers uses natural flavors to bring the authentic taste of peach and berry to their hard seltzer. The ingredients add up to what should be an excellent hard seltzer, so we had our reviewers taste it and tell us what they thought. Below is an overview of their overall thoughts about the Two Robbers Peach Berry.

A Balanced Peach and Berry Flavor

Neither the peach nor the berry flavor stands out as the dominant flavor in the Two Robbers Peach Berry Hard Seltzer. The flavor is incredibly balanced; you can tell Two Robbers has placed considerable effort into achieving this balanced taste. Although neither flavor dominates, you are still in for a lot of flavor. Both the peach and the berry flavors are highly noticeable. More specifically, the peach provides a juicy experience (as if you were eating a freshly picked ripe peach). The berries, per usual, provide a delicious and distinct flavor to the hard seltzer as well. The carbonation also stands out. It contains a ton of bubbles that enhance the flavor even more. There is also a faint smell of peach.

Sweet with Almost No Sugar

Two Robbers Peach Berry Hard Seltzer contains 5.2% ABV. There are also only 110 calories per can. You can enjoy that there are only two grams of carbs per can as well. All cans are free of gluten. Perhaps one of the most important notes about the ingredients is that there is essentially no sugar, which is not the case with many other hard seltzers with similar flavors. Specifically, the ingredients for this hard seltzer by Two Robbers include sparkling water, alcohol from cold fermented cane sugar, natural flavors, and citric acid. One important thing we did notice, however, is that it seems to be boozier than the 5.2% ABV would otherwise suggest.

An Ideal Hard Seltzer for Outdoors

Two Robbers Peach Berry Hard Seltzer features the taste and aroma of fresh peaches and a variety of berry types. The carbonation is nice as well. Overall, we found this to be an enjoyable hard seltzer. The taste is nice, and the aroma of the peach is pleasant. If you desire a juicy seltzer that is filled with fruit flavors, then we recommend this Two Robbers Peach Berry. Since neither peach nor berry dominates the taste experience, the drink is balanced and not too sweet. The fact that there is almost no sugar is something we appreciate as well, especially since there is still a lot of flavor. Overall, it is a nice choice that lives up to its hype.

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