Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Spiked Apple Spice

Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer is Like Fresh Baked Apple Pie

Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer— The quest to find the perfect apple pie is a mission that can take a lifetime. Of course, there is the fresh apple pie your grandmother would make. The lattice work of the top crust was a buttery work of art. For those who favor a sweeter rendition, there is Dutch apple pie with brown sugar crumbles and caramel drizzle on top. Just as good is the old standby of apple cobbler. In truth, each version of the baked apple dessert is deserving of its own praise. Simply put, apple pie in any of its forms is a treat that is hard to turn down. Bringing yuletide greetings and the flavor of apple pie to holiday parties near and far this season is Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer.

Apple Pie Aroma

Right from the get-go, Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer delivers a fragrance straight out of grandma’s kitchen. When you open a can of this holiday seltzer you get the distinct scent of fresh baked apple pie. You smell the welcoming fragrance of fresh apples combined with the just right hint of spice. In truth, the heavenly fragrance will engulf you. If you were to close your eyes, you’d think you were standing in the middle of an apple orchard. This spiked seltzer has a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) like most other Truly flavors, so you can enjoy more than one responsibly this holiday season. Find even more 5% Truly flavors on the Truly Hard Seltzer page.

Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer is Sweet & Welcoming

Made from filtered water, premium alcohol, natural flavors, cane sugar, and stevia sweetener, this Truly Holiday Party Pack flavor tastes just as good as it smells. Whereas the aroma is that of a robust baked apple pie, the sweet taste somewhat resembles an apple flavored Jolly Rancher hard candy. It’s a flavor that is very sweet and welcoming, indeed. At first you taste the apple, then you taste the spice afterwards. There is a clear nutmeg and/or cinnamon aftertaste (we couldn’t really put our finger on it) that really brings the flavor creation home. The balance of spice to apple is nicely done. And thanks to the use of stevia, you get all of that extra sweet seasonal flavor but without the calories.

Holiday Flavor Hit

In the hard seltzer flavorsphere, there are flavors that work well most of the time, and others that cause some difficulty. Although not all that common, apple seems to be a flavor that hard seltzer makers do well.  And in this case, Truly well. When you first open a can of Truly Spiked Apple Spice Hard Seltzer you will be tempted by the exquisite apple fragrance. You’ll instantly be reminded of a fresh baked apple pie. And in terms of taste, this spiked holiday seltzer will be a hit with everyone at the party. The total package is very good. It smells good. Tastes good. And isn’t too high in calories. All in all, this hard seltzer is one you will surely enjoy this holiday season.


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