Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita

Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer Featured

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5.5%

Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard SeltzerTruly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer

Hibiscus Tea is a common drink in Mexico, often served with a mid-day meal. This drink is called Agua de Jamaica, and it’s mixed with sugar to make it truly sweet. Hibiscus mixes well with many fruits, but the sweet and tart strawberry pairs especially well. Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer brings these two enticing flavors together.

An Inviting Aroma 

The smell of Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer is powerful and fruity, although it only vaguely recalls real strawberries. Surprisingly, one sip from the can, and you’ll discern the sweet taste of hibiscus flavor. The taste is perfect, and it smells is so good. When we pour it over ice, the drink has a light pale yellow color. This beverage has no bitterness or aftertaste, and each sip invites you for another. It’s a nice alternative to super sugary drinks with a unique level of sweetness that’s not overbearing. The consistency of the flavor makes you wonder whether Truly made this beverage with sweeteners and artificial flavors. But it’s the expert combination of natural fruits and flavors that gives off the beautiful taste and inviting aroma.

Sweetness Not Overbearing

Made with strawberry concentrate and hibiscus powder, Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer is light and crisp with a lower carbonation level. However, the carbonation level fits the juicy qualities of the drink. It’s an excellent alternative to a super sugary offering. Apart from the tangy and sweet taste of Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer, it contains only 110 calories and is made with natural cane sugar, so you can drink a can or two more without fearing any adverse effects on your calorie counter. The sweetness is not overbearing, and you don’t need any other ingredients to enhance or elevate it. You can serve it straight from the pack, but we recommend refrigerating it to get the perfect chill you’ll love. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the bitter acidity sometimes present in more boozy drinks. While it tastes great and is complete on its own, you could even mix things up by making it a base for other drinks.

Take it On the Go

Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer is an excellent drink for every summer party. Heck! It’s also a fantastic option for when you get together with family and friends in every other season. With a colorful can that puts you in the party mood, you can rest assured that every sip will evoke the aroma of your favorite hibiscus tea.  The colorful cans are just the perfect size for packing in coolers, backpacks, or purses. So whether you are going to the beach or hanging in to see a Saturday afternoon game, you can stack a few cans of Truly Margarita Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Seltzer for total refreshment on the go.

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