Truly Hard Seltzer Review: Pear Martini Style


Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Truly Pear Martini Style

Truly Pear Martini Style Features Festive Flavors

Who doesn’t love a pear martini during the winter holiday season? There is something about a sweet martini that just makes it ideal for drinking indoors. The pear martini is what inspired Truly to make this hard seltzer. There is also an intriguing hint of cinnamon to make it even more festive. Here at Seltzer Nation, we are excited by the idea of a Truly hard seltzer that is inspired by the pear martini and features festive flavors. So, we decided to give it a try. Here are our thoughts about the Truly Pear Martini Style. Below we highlight the taste, ingredients, and more.

Holiday Vibes for The Holiday Season

The Truly Pear Martini Style is the perfect hard seltzer for seltzer enthusiasts who enjoy drinking indoors when the weather is not so generous. The first thing you may notice when you open the can is the mix of cinnamon and pear. Right away, you are transfixed by the delicious and intriguing combination of holiday-inspired flavors and aromas. For your first sip, you can expect a delicious and rich flavor. The pear is nice but not overpowering. You are likely to notice the pear flavor first. However, there is also a nice aftertaste of cinnamon. Overall, the finish can be described as dry and clean. There is also excellent carbonation. Every sip is filled with bubbles and life. Additionally, we really appreciate the clear color when it pours out. It gives it a true martini feel that is perfect for the holiday season.

A Light Martini-Inspired Hard Seltzer with Natural Flavors

Truly makes its Pear Martini Style Hard Seltzer with filtered water, alcohol, and natural flavors. This seltzer contains less than 2% of pear juice from concentrate, citric acid, sodium citrate, and stevia sweetener. There is also only one gram of sugar and two grams of carbohydrates in total. You can expect a kick of alcohol as the Truly Pear Martini Style contains 5% alcohol by volume. For calories, there are only 100 in total per each 12-ounce can. Additionally, all Truly Pear Martini Style hard seltzers are free of gluten.

Enjoy a Delicious Martini Hard Seltzer This Winter

If you want a drink that is perfect for special occasions in the convenience of a can, then the Truly Pear Martini Style is perfect for you. It has a clear color that is similar to a martini, so it pours out of the glass really well. In other words, you can create your own martini with this seltzer; just be sure to add a lemon rind. Of course, these are also highly delicious drinks straight out of the can. We also recommend them while watching a favorite movie with your significant other or spending time with friends after a long week of work. Whichever way you choose to drink, one thing is for sure; this Truly hard seltzer is delicious.

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