TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer Review: Cranberry Raspberry

TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer Dazzles with Flavor

TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer— When it comes to a healthy immune and digestive system, you can’t go wrong with cranberry juice. Cranberries are considered a natural superfruit. And cranberries are also high in nutrients and antioxidants. Thanks to its luscious taste and positive health benefits, cranberries are often paired with other fruits for added enjoyment. Raspberry is a great flavor to blend with cranberry, as can be noted from the popularity of cran-raspberry drinks found at the supermarket. The sweetness of the raspberry and the tanginess of the cranberry work remarkably well together. To enjoy this unique flavor combination in an adult beverage, try TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer.

Clear Complexion

If you pour your TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer over ice in a clear glass, you’ll be mightily impressed with its appearance. This hard sparkling water has a crystal-clear complexion and is filled with a dizzying array of carbonated bubbles bobbing and weaving their way to erupt at the surface. And when you open the can you will be excited by the fragrance. The aroma that seeps from the can and ignites the air is that of a rich bushel of fresh berries. The sweetness fills the air and tempts you with the alluring fragrance. While you won’t detect the individual fragrances of raspberry or cranberry, the overall aroma is a delicious combination of the two fruits. This spiked seltzer has 100 calories per can with 0 grams of total carbohydrates and 0 grams of total sugars. It is also gluten free.

TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer has an Exciting Flavor

A good smelling hard seltzer usually translates to a good tasting beverage as well. And this is definitely the case with this TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer. At first you taste the sweet tanginess of cranberry juice. It is an exciting flavor that will caress your tastebuds. Then, gradually, the cranberry flavor subsides and is replaced with the delightful flavor of fresh raspberries. All in all, it is a fantastic berry medley taste. Each can has a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) which is fairly average. You can enjoy a relaxing night with one can or feel free to enjoy a few. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with the taste. Anyone who is a fan of berry seltzers should enjoy this one.

Dazzling Flavor

When you first open a can of TAKE FIVE Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer you are instantly met with a delectable aroma of fresh berries. Take the experience one step further and your mouth will be alive with flavor. At first, you’ll sense the exquisite nodes of cranberry flavor which is quickly followed by the sensation of raspberry flavor. Combined the two flavors dazzle. This hard seltzer is 100 calories per can and has a 5% ABV. This spiked seltzer also features great carbonation and an inviting crystal-clear complexion. If you are looking for a hard seltzer that rewards the taster with a bounty of delicious flavor, you may just find what you are seeking with this delightful blend.


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