Seagram’s Hard Seltzer Review: Mixed Berry

Seagram's Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Seagram’s Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer Takes Taste Berry Seriously

Seagram's Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer— Mixed berry is an intriguing title for a beverage blend. What “mixed berry” means to different manufacturers can really vary. Will it include the sweet and succulent nodes of raspberries with their slightly sour aftertaste? Will it include strawberries, one of the most divine fruits that is always sweet and tangy? What about blueberries? Blueberries are a tasty fruit with a more rounded and subtle flavor. Mixing all three types of berries together is something mixologists have long aspired to perfect. Seagram’s Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer is a beverage that takes its flavor seriously – combining a medley of berries to form a single unique flavor. With this beverage, you will be tempted from the get go.

Tantalizing Fragrance

Whenever you try a new spiked sparkling water, you want to take it slow and enjoy every tantalizing embrace of your senses. Smell is one of the senses that beverage manufacturers go to great lengths in which to appeal. A good fragrance suggests a good taste to follow. A bad fragrance and you may never even want to finish the taste experience. In the case of Seagram’s Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer, from the moment you open the can you are treated to a sexy aroma of various berries. The fragrance draws you in, just like Seagram’s Watermelon Lime flavor. The beverage has 100 calories per serving – which is generally regarded as middle ground for hard seltzers. In addition, the drink has 2 grams of total carbs per serving, 1 gram of total sugars, and an ABV of 5% per serving. As a malt-based beverage, however, it is not gluten free.

Seagram’s Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer is Both Sweet and Sour

Technically described as a flavored malt beverage, this Seagram’s Hard Seltzer provides nodes of both sweet and sour. And the berry taste comes through with a bang. However, aside from raspberry, the individual component berry flavors are not easily distinguished from each other. According to the packaging there should be elements of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. It’s also important to note that the drink has a sour berry aftertaste. However, as the aftertaste dissipates, you are left with a very enjoyable flavor. One thing holding the beverage back though is the carbonation. There could be more bubbles in our opinion, but this might also be pleasing for those who don’t like high levels of carbonation.

A Berry Good Drink

From the time you open a can of Seagram’s Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer you will be on a sensory expedition. The scent of the drink is inviting, promising a taste delight. Once you have a taste you’ll be happy you tried it. The unique blend of berry flavors features a strong commitment to raspberry, although other flavors are evident. Although slightly under carbonated, this sweet and sour seltzer is a good one for hot summer days or even evenings at home after a hard day’s work. And with a 5% alcohol by volume, this tasty beverage can be a regular in your hard seltzer rotation. Its delicious berry flavor and malt-base tones also make it a good first seltzer for beer drinkers who might want to dabble in the seltzer arena.


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