Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Canned Cocktail Review: Cherry Kola Chill

Sammy's Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill

Rating: 91 Points

Calories: 130

Carbs: 5g

ABV: 5.5%

Sammy's Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola ChillSammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill for the Perfect Waterside Experience

Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill combines cherry cola and a hint of spice flavors for a delicious rum cocktail. Picture yourself sitting beachside with your loved ones. You bring out the beach chairs, put up the beach tent, set up the waterside games and radio, and, last but not least, get out the ice cooler filled with Cherry Kola Chill rum cocktails for the perfect waterside experience. Whether you are at the beach, poolside, or on your couch, there is never a bad time for this rum cocktail. You can also enjoy them indoors as well. From hosting day parties at your house to kicking back and enjoying your favorite show or a sports game, Cherry Kola Chill is a great choice for rum cocktail enthusiasts.

Cherry Cola With a Kick

You can taste the delicious flavor of maraschino cherry with every sip of this delightful rum cocktail. Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill also has a nice cherry aroma as well. The scent is similar to cherry Twizzler candy, and the color is the same as well. Although it has an outstanding cherry cola flavor and aroma, this cocktail looks more like fruit punch with a clear color. You can taste the carbonation, which is splendid. In fact, it does not even feel as if you are drinking rum, until you begin to feel the kick of alcohol. With that said, it is not too boozy in the least. It is a great choice for any adult who enjoys the delicious taste of cherry cola. 

Gluten-Free and Low in Carbs

All too often, canned cocktails contain added sugars from the syrup, juice, and soda injected into each can.  You can enjoy the fact that Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill contains only 5 grams of sugar. It is also gluten-free. This canned cocktail is carbonated, and there are only 130 calories in each beverage. The taste goes down smooth and easy, so it is possible to find yourself consuming a second can. With an ABV content of 5.5%, you should feel a buzz that helps you unwind and relax. If drinking responsibly, it is not likely to cause you to feel overly drunk or hungover the next day. Therefore, you can feel good when choosing this for your adult beverage. 

The Perfect Adult Soda

The natural cherry flavor takes you back to your childhood days. It truly feels as if you are sipping on a delicious cherry soda. The natural cherry flavor is noticeable and absolutely delicious. In fact, there are moments when it does not even taste like rum but rather a delicious non-alcoholic soda. The slight hint of spice is noticeable as well. This adds a unique taste that is not there with most other canned rum cocktails. While it may taste like a soda, there is a noticeable kick of alcohol as well. Overall, Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. Cherry Kola Chill is a great choice for adults that love the carbonated soda taste. It helps cool you down on hot summer days and is a fantastic refresher. 

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