Ranch Rider Spirits Canned Cocktail Review: Tequila Paloma

Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 134

Carbs: 5.8g

ABV: 5.99%

Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma

Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma Tastes Like Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit

Calling all tequila lovers: the Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma provides an authentic Paloma cocktail experience in a can. It is made with reposado tequila, which is high-quality tequila that is aged in oak barrels. This canned cocktail is inspired by the Paloma, a tequila-based cocktail that combines tequila, lime, and grapefruit juice. A Paloma cocktail is perfect for consuming outdoors, on date nights, or while casually drinking with friends. Given the delicious taste of a traditional Tequila Paloma, we had to give this canned cocktail a try. This review highlights the experience of the Seltzer Nation taste testers. Specifically, we discuss its unique and authentic Paloma flavor, the ingredients Ranch Rider Spirits uses to achieve the natural and delicious taste, and how to best consume this canned cocktail.

A Delicious Balance of Sweet and Sour Flavors

There is nothing like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It is refreshing and perfect for when the weather is warm. Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma tastes just like freshly squeezed grapefruit. The flavor tastes natural. After the grapefruit, you can taste a subtle hint of lime. Overall, this canned cocktail provides a nice balance of sweet and sour. The flavor is every bit as tasty and strong as you would hope. It is certainly a great option for tequila lovers. There is a nice fragrance with this cocktail as well. The citrusy aroma smells of grapefruit, lemon, and lime. We also enjoyed the excellent carbonation that provides a bubbly experience.

A Light and Delicious Alternative to Classic Cocktails

Ranch Rider Spirits makes its Tequila Paloma with Reposado tequila, sparkling water, sea salt, real grapefruit, lime, and orange. All cans of Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma are gluten-free. Therefore, this may be a good option for those who prefer not to consume gluten or have dietary restrictions that do not allow for gluten. This canned cocktail has an alcohol content of 5.9% ABV (which is slightly above average for most hard seltzers). It is slightly heavier with carbs and sugar as well, containing 5.8 grams of carbohydrates and 3.5 grams of sugar per can. There are 134 calories in this canned cocktail, which is less than what you would get from a Paloma cocktail at a bar. For those who enjoy cocktails but prefer to drink them at home, this is an intriguing option.

A Great Choice for Tequila Drinkers

There are numerous ways to enjoy the Ranch Rider Spirits Tequila Paloma. You can enjoy it straight out of the can. The excellent carbonation level gives this canned cocktail an authentic seltzer feel and tastes great when it is served out of a cold can. You can also ditch the can and go with a more traditional cocktail glass. There is one thing that remains constant no matter how you choose to consume — the taste is delicious. The natural grapefruit, lime, and orange flavors are excellent. The drink is powered by authentic reposado tequila. The added carbonation combines the tequila and seltzer feel with a unique beverage that you can enjoy at home or elsewhere.

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