Quirk Hard Seltzer Review: Blackberry Sage

Quirk Blackberry Sage Hard Seltzer

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 4g

ABV: 4.2%

Quirk Blackberry Sage Hard SeltzerQuirk Blackberry Sage Hard Seltzer: A Refreshing Twist for Culinary Cocktails

Sage, renowned for its earthy, peppery notes, often adds depth to culinary dishes. That said, it is a surprise player in the realm of hard seltzers. Enter Quirk Blackberry Sage Hard Seltzer, a tantalizing infusion marrying the tangy allure of blackberries with the subtle herbaceous taste of sage. This intriguing combo is the secret behind beloved cocktails like the Blackberry Sage Smash, Sage Martini, and Sage Advice. Curiosity piqued by its unconventional use, we set out to explore Quirk Blackberry Sage, drawn in by the promise of its unique fusion and its potential to redefine the drink experience.

Unique and Delicious

From the first sip of Quirk Blackberry Sage Hard Seltzer, you’re greeted by a playful burst of berry flavor. Surprisingly, it’s reminiscent of cranberries, dancing on your taste buds. Yet, contrary to expectation, the sage, an anticipated star, seems to linger in the background. Blackberry takes center stage. The true pink hue adds a visual delight. There’s also a little bite of tanginess in the aftertaste, compelling a slight pucker. It’s an intriguing blend that surprises the palate with each nuanced sip. The hard seltzer delivers a refreshing and unique experience from start to finish.

Ninety Calories and Zero Sugar

Quirk crafts its Blackberry Sage Hard Seltzer from a blend of carbonated water, alcohol from sugar, natural flavors, and blackberry. It maintains a light touch with just 90 calories and 4 grams of total carbs, with no added sugars. Boasting an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.2%, this gluten-free libation offers a guilt-free indulgence. Its pretty light purple hue hints at the artistry in the brewing process, while the great carbonation elevates the overall drinking experience.

Try Something Different

Quirk Blackberry Sage, while not overpowering in sage notes as anticipated, surprises with its delightful cranberry-like tang and subtle herbaceous undertones. Its low-calorie, low-carb composition makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a flavorful yet guilt-free beverage. Whether sipped solo or mixed into creative cocktails, this effervescent drink holds its own in delivering a refreshing twist to traditional flavors. Quirk Blackberry Sage proves to be an intriguing addition to the beverage scene, inviting you to embrace the unexpected in every sip.

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