Plant Botanical Vodka Soda Review: Blood Orange Lime


Rating: 84 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4.5%

Plant Botanical Blood Orange LimePlant Botanical Blood Orange Lime has a Light, Natural, and Delicious Taste

Picture this: it’s been a long day, and you’re ready to kick back and relax. You head to the fridge, and there they are — the beautiful and delicious Plant Botanical Blood Orange Lime Vodka Seltzers. Many seltzers are marketed as great outdoor drinks. While this vodka seltzer is refreshing on a hot day, it is just as good while relaxing indoors while you curl up to watch a movie on the weekend. This vodka seltzer tastes as if Plant Botanical poured fruit and flowers into a can. You can enjoy the delicious aroma and the nice flavor of lime and blood orange with every sip. 

No Artificial Flavors

Plant Botanical Blood Orange Lime Hard Seltzer is as natural as you are likely to find with a vodka seltzer. The spirits are distilled in Napa Valley. The premium vodka is combined with fruit puree, goji berries, dandelion, angelica, and ginseng. It also has great carbonation, making it incredibly fizzy (which is one of the best parts of this beverage). The fruit puree adds extra flavor and a nice citrus aroma. Of course, the two primary flavors are blood orange and lime. However, the lime seems much more powerful than the blood orange. Overall, it has a nice citrus taste that is natural; it is clear that there are no artificial flavors used with this vodka seltzer. 

Citrus Color, Aroma, and Flavor

This vodka seltzer provides a nice citrus experience. The lime and blood orange (along with other flavors) combine for a sweet and sour taste. The liquid has a pale orange color, which speaks to how natural the ingredients are with the Plant Botanical Blood Orange Lime. Additionally, there is a pleasant citrus aroma due to the fruit puree and natural flavors. The sweet scent greets you upon popping the can and helps you get into the relaxed state you desire. Last but certainly not least, it truly tastes like a citrus seltzer. The flavor combination is good, although the lime is noticeably stronger than the blood orange. 

A Light Alcohol Experience

If you are looking for a strong alcohol experience, then this vodka seltzer may not be for you. The alcohol content of this one is at 4.5% ABV, which is on the low side for a vodka seltzer. However, if you desire a light and easy beverage that you can drink at your leisure, then Plant Botanical Blood Orange Lime is a great choice. This vodka seltzer delivers premium vodka with a nice fruit infusion. With Vodka straight from Napa Valley, you can trust you are getting one of the best alcohol tastes. The flavors used are all-natural, and there is only 1 gram of sugar, providing a light vodka seltzer experience. The citrus taste and aroma only add to what is an enjoyable (and natural seltzer flavor). 

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