New White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR

White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR

White Claw Releases Four Lemonade Flavors

White Claw might be late to the hard seltzer lemonade game, but that’s the privilege of being the reigning hard seltzer market leader. The brand announced today that they’re releasing a brand new line of flavors, White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR. This is the second line drop from the top hard seltzer brand this Spring, and it has fans buzzing. The brand released White Claw Surf with a celebrity athlete tour in mid-March. What are the flavors in the White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR variety pack? The four lemonade flavors are Limón with a hint of Calamansi, Blood Orange with a hint of Black Raspberry, Blackberry with a hint of Red Cherry, and Strawberry with a hint of Kiwi.

New Turn for White Claw

It was only this March that White Claw introduced full-flavor options. Clearly, the brand wants to give you the best of both worlds with White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR. They’re giving you the full flavor of lemonade with complementary flavors or flavor “hints”. The Chief Marketing Officer at White Claw said in today’s press release, “…with the launch of REFRSHR, we’re taking an entirely new and different approach to Lemonade, in a uniquely White Claw way, over-delivering on flavor while being incredibly sessionable.” Sessionable may be a new word for some. It refers to whether a drink is tasty and low alcohol enough that a drinker can enjoy a couple of beverages in a row. White Claw wants to offer a full-flavor beverage that is hard to put down.

Flavor Hints

Following suit with White Claw Surf, White Claw is releasing the first among its Lemonade REFRSHR flavors featuring an exotic fruit twist. The calamansi fruit originates from Southeast Asia, and its taste is citrusy and extremely tart. The calamansi fruit will be paired with the classic limón (lemon) flavor. The other flavors are perhaps more recognizable, but it’s the flavor combinations that draw interest. Keep in mind that it was also in March that White Claw first offered hard seltzers with multi-flavor combinations. White Claw has paired blood orange with black raspberry, stating that this makes for “an extraordinary refreshing flavor combination”. With their blackberry and red cherry, we expect sweet. The brand tells us that it’s “taking refreshment to a whole new level”. Finally, we have the classic combination of Strawberry and Kiwi, a combination the brand states is “a fruitful and refreshing flavor combination”.

White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR

White Claw Lemonade REFRSHR may be “over-delivering on flavor”, but the brand is keeping its calories low. Similar to their other flavor offerings, these White Claw Lemonade flavors will have 100 calories, 1 gram of sugars, and 1 gram of carbohydrates. The alcohol content is also in line with other White Claw flavors, coming in at a 5% abv. These flavors are “rolling out” nationwide this month in flavor variety 12 packs. There are still laws when you’re drinking White Claws, but that doesn’t mean the Summer is going to be any less of a White Claw lifestyle.

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