Natural Light Sour Hard Seltzer Review: Rind & Dined – Watermelon


Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 144

Carbs: 8.9g

ABV: 6%

Natural Light Sour Rind & Dined WatermelonNatural Light Sour Rind and Dined Watermelon Tastes Delicious

The Natural Light Sour Seltzer Pack offers malt beverages made from grains that provide an intriguing hard seltzer experience. Most hard seltzers these days use fermented sugar as their alcohol base, but Natty Light did something different with their Sour Pack, choosing instead to use fermented grain alcohol. Despite being authentic malt beverages that use fermented grains more typical of beer, Natural Light Sour Rind and Dined Watermelon is a sweet and sour, fruity seltzer. We were intrigued by the ingredients of the seltzer and the branding, which has a fun and vibrant vibe. This seems like an excellent alternative to traditional beer. Out of curiosity and to inform you of the experience this hard seltzer provides, our reviewers gave it a try. In short, we really enjoyed this hard seltzer. Below are our thoughts about the overall flavor, ingredients, and experience.

Tastes Like Watermelon Jolly Rancher Candy

As soon as you open a can of Natural Light Sour Rind and Dined, a sweet watermelon aroma rises from the can. You know right away that it is going to taste delicious. The flavor is every bit as delicious as the smell. Watermelon is certainly the most prominent flavor. The fruity flavor doesn’t taste artificial. You can tell the flavors are natural. It reminds us of a Watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. However, even though the flavor is similar to candy, Rind and Dined is not as sour as most hard candies. The malty, fermented taste of the alcohol is noticeable as well. Overall, it is incredibly enjoyable. This is a great choice if you are only drinking one or two and consequently are less concerned with the total number of carbohydrates. 

A Malt Beverage with Natural Flavors  

Natural Light Sour Rind and Dined Watermelon is made as a malt beverage and contains natural flavors. The alcohol content is 6% ABV. Therefore, you can expect a subtle booziness with every can you consume, but for most, the alcohol is not overpowering. In context, an average beer generally contains 5% ABV, so you can expect it to be a little stronger than a beer. It is a classic malt beverage, however. This means that, like most malt beverages made from grains, this hard seltzer does contain gluten. It also has more calories than the average 12-fluid-ounce canned seltzer. In total, there are 144 calories per canned beverage. There are 8.9 grams of carbs in each can as well. 

A Flavorful Experience with Youthful Branding

The Natural Light Sour Rind & Dined Watermelon is a great choice. You can expect delicious watermelon flavor and a unique seltzer experience. This hard seltzer seems to be great for a younger audience. Everything from the ingredients, the aroma, and the branding make it highly attractive to individuals in their 20s and 30s. However, with that said, it is enjoyable at any age. The strong flavor may not be ideal for a day of drinking. Subsequently, we recommend packing other hard seltzers along with this delicious option if you intend to drink with friends and family during day-long get-togethers. 

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