Mas Agave Hard Seltzer Review: Strawberry

Mas Agave Strawberry Featured

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 7g

ABV: 4.5%

Mas Agave Strawberry

Mas Agave Strawberry Promises a Delicious and Fruity Taste

Blue agave has been used to sweeten alcohol for decades. It is a natural and delicious alternative to using a more traditional cane sugar sweetener. Founders Brewing utilizes blue agave nectar to sweeten their seltzers — hence the name Mas Agave. Everything about this hard seltzer drew our attention. The blue agave nectar, combined with all-natural strawberry, apple, pear, Aronia berry, and lime juice, promises a delicious and fruity taste. Of course, true to its name, strawberry is the dominant fruit flavor in this hard seltzer. Adding to the strawberry experience, the liquid of this seltzer is pink. On top of that, the cans are beautifully designed. We decided to test Mas Agave Strawberry Hard Seltzer by Founders Brewing, and this is what we discovered.

Strawberry Shortcake in a Can

Mas Agave Strawberry Hard Seltzer contains blue agave nectar and real fruit juice. The juice types include apple, pear, Aronia berry, strawberry, and lime. It has a pink color and tastes just like strawberries. However, the strawberry flavor is not overpowering. Instead, this hard seltzer offers a semi-sweet flavor that tastes like a strawberry shortcake. In total, there are 4g of sugar and 7g of carbohydrates. The sugar content is higher than many hard seltzers, likely due to the natural juice. Each can contains 110 calories and is gluten-free. The natural juice also produces a pleasant and relaxing aroma that adds to the seltzer experience.

Light and Refreshing

Mas Agave Strawberry hard seltzers are overall an easier drink experience than most. Each sip goes down easy with a delicious flavor and aftertaste. You can taste authentic and natural fruit juices. The agave and cane sugar add a nice sweet taste, but it is still relatively mild in terms of sweetness. The strawberry flavor is also perfect for keeping you refreshed on a hot day. You can enjoy these hard seltzers while unwinding after a long day or as a delicious refreshment at dinner time. There is a 4.5% ABV. You can expect a small kick of alcohol, but the alcohol is not strong.

A Fun Agave Seltzer Variation

This hard seltzer is a good alternative to traditional seltzers that primarily contain cane sugar. The agave adds a sweet taste that complements the strawberry flavor well. Therefore, we recommend Mas Agave Strawberry for those who want an alternative to seltzers that contain more cane sugar. The cute pink cans are best served cold and consumed straight out of the fridge or ice cooler. One of the best parts about this hard seltzer is the sweet fruity flavor. You can also enjoy a flourish of bubbles with each can. The carbonation is perfect for refreshing you. Although there is more sugar than the average hard seltzer, the sugar content is primarily from natural juices. You can expect a natural and delicious taste with every sip.

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