Libations Hard Seltzer Review: Blackberry Orchid

Libations Blackberry Orchid

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Libations Blackberry OrchidLibations Blackberry Orchid Delivers a Flowery Experience

Admit it. We all love blackberries. The sweet and juicy taste of ripe blackberries is hard to beat on a hot day. Each berry bursts in your mouth with flavor. Brew Hub recently came out with Libations Hard Seltzer Blackberry Orchid, and we had to give it a try. It features a blackberry flavor experience with the addition of orchid, which adds a subtle flavor of vanilla, a nice aromatic presence, and a flowery experience overall. The good news is this hard seltzer did not disappoint. This review summarizes the experience of our taste testers here at Seltzer Nation. 

Provides a Sophisticated Flavor Experience

You can smell the aroma of blackberries as soon as you open a can of Libations Blackberry Orchid Hard Seltzer. This sweet aroma places you in a relaxed state before you take your first sip. The flavor is spot on. It tastes just like natural blackberry and is the perfect follow-up to the intriguing aroma. The orchid provides a subtle taste of vanilla to this hard seltzer as well. However, there is no doubt that blackberry is the dominant flavor. The taste is by far the most impressive feature of this hard seltzer (which is the most important factor). It was a slight surprise to us that the color was not clear. Instead, the liquid of the Libations Blackberry Orchid pours out a light-yellow color. 

Gluten-Free with Less Than 100 Calories

The Libations Blackberry Orchid hard seltzer contains both cane and natural sugar. There are just under 100 calories per 12 oz. can (99 calories to be exact). At 2 grams, it is relatively low in carbohydrates, and it contains only 2 grams of sugar as well. As mentioned, this is a gluten-free hard seltzer option. You can certainly expect a slight buzz if you drink one or more of these in a sitting. There is a 5% alcohol-by-volume, which is average for hard seltzers. The carbonation level is just right with this hard seltzer as well. You can expect a lot of bubbles and a lively, crisp taste with every sip. 

A Great Adult Beverage to Offer Guests

In short, Libation Blackberry Orchid Hard Seltzer is crisp, authentic tasting, and refreshing. Sophisticated is also an accurate word to use when describing the Libations Blackberry Orchid hard seltzer. This is largely driven by the orchid, which provides a pleasing aroma and a unique flavor. We recommend this drink for anytime you want to class up your event. Having a dinner party with a couple of friends? This is a perfect option. However, due to the popularity of the blackberry flavor, this hard seltzer is an excellent choice to add to a cooler whenever you have guests over. The unique branding, flavor, and overall experience are certain to impress your friends and family. Hot tip: keep these in the fridge until you’re ready to drink. They’re best served very cold.

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