La Dolce Vita Vodka Seltzer Review: Il Pompelmo

La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 4%

La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer is a Citrus Lover’s Dream

La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer— Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to fruit flavors. There are those that love the sweet tang of berries like strawberries and raspberries. Others adore the fresh flavors of melons like watermelon. And, of course, there are those who fancy the mixture of sweet and sour tones that you find with most citrus fruits. Citrus flavors are definitely popular. From having fresh squeezed orange juice with your breakfast to relaxing in the summer sun with a lemonade, there is a citrus flavor appropriate for almost any occasion. And if you’re a lover of citrus flavors, it will be love at first taste as soon as you try a La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer.

Delightful Fragrance

Opening up a can of a new hard seltzer is kind of like open a Christmas present. You’re not quite sure what to expect, but you’re excited to find out what’s inside. When you first open a can of La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer you are met with a delightful fragrance. A mixture of orange and grapefruit aromas dance through the air. The excitement truly builds. Should you be one who likes to pour your hard seltzers in a glass over ice, you will marvel at the beautiful clear complexion. You’ll also delight at the sight of the fantastic carbonation. Each can has a 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 90 calories, both of which are on the lighter side. And this spiked seltzer contains just 3 grams of total carbohydrates and 0 grams of total sugars.

La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer Has Complex Citrus Flavor

Made from premium vodka and natural ruby grapefruit and blood orange flavors, this La Dolce Vita Vodka Seltzer has a lot going for it. When you first bring this spiked sparkling water to your lips, you are met with a complex citrus flavor. It is a citrus flavor heavy on grapefruit with just a hint of orange. What a delight! The overall experience is very tasty and refreshing. The ruby grapefruit and subtle blood orange flavors are a great pairing and perfectly balanced. This is not a very boozy hard seltzer and the attention is definitely on the fruit essence. This vodka seltzer goes down smooth and could easily be described as a citrus lover’s dream. And with the low ABV and calorie count, you can feel guilt-free having more than one of these gluten free spiked seltzers. Find more gluten free favorites in our Hard Seltzer Reviews category.

Easy Drinking

If you are a citrus fan, you will undoubtedly want to try La Dolce Vita Il Pompelmo Vodka Seltzer. This fantastic seltzer focuses its concentration first on the divine flavor of fresh cut grapefruit, then as that taste begins to dissipate, you are next greeted by just a hint of blood orange flavor. The results is a phenomenal easy-to-drink flavor experience. This vodka seltzer has a beautiful clear complexion and a great carbonation level. You’ll marvel as the bubbles bounce to the surface. Easy on calories and alcohol content, this beverage is one you can enjoy without guilt. A citrus lover’s dream, this seltzer is an example of a perfect paring of grapefruit and blood orange flavors. You’ll want to experience it for yourself.


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