High Noon Hard Seltzer Review: Watermelon

High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2.6g

ABV: 4.5%

High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer is a Beach Worthy Cocktail

High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer— Getting and maintaining a beach body is a year-round endeavor of avoiding high calorie desserts and putting in diligent time at the gym. No matter how many reps you do, or what weight you max out at, you won’t achieve that single digit body fat percentage without paying attention to what you put in your body. One trick to achieving one’s best self is to trade in those high fructose corn syrup candies and deserts for healthy alternatives. Watermelon is one of the earth’s true gifts. The succulent meat of the watery fruit is practically sinful in its taste. Yet this hearty melon is not high in calories. A taste sweeter than candy and with far less calories. Enjoy that sweet taste of watermelon anytime you feel the urge for an adult beverage with a High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer.

Alluring Aroma

When you open a can of High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer you are treated to the enticing aroma of fresh watermelon. The sweetness swims through the air, diving and darting about. It is a thing of beauty the way the alluring fragrance of watermelon fills the immediate area and tickles the senses. In terms of alcohol content, this hard seltzer has a 4.5% alcohol by volume. And this vodka & soda inspired  hard seltzer has just 100 calories per can, with 2.6 grams of total carbohydrates and 2.6 grams of total sugars. Not bad at all when you consider the delicious flavor this spiked sparkling water wields. It is also 100% gluten free.

High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer is Perfectly Sweet

Made with real vodka, real fruit juice, and sparkling water, this High Noon Hard Seltzer has a much lighter flavor than the fragrance would suggest. The subtle watermelon flavor is very moving. It is sweet and pleasant, but not too sweet. Nor is the flavor ever overly boozy. You can clearly taste the vodka, but the ratio of alcohol to juice is polite and gentle. All in all, High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer tastes just like fresh watermelon juice spiked with a premium vodka. In addition to the stellar fruit flavor, the seltzer has a really exciting level of carbonation. The bubbles sizzle as you open the can. Find more bubbly delights in our High Noon Seltzer Reviews section.

Authentic Flavor

No matter what time of year it is, a delicious hard seltzer is always a great way to end the day. If you’re in training for a revealing bathing suit, you may as well drink a flavor associated with summer – like watermelon. High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer is a complete package for what many crave in a spiked seltzer. Tasting like a premium vodka blended with watermelon juice, this hard seltzer is 100% gluten free and has just 100 calories per serving. While the alcohol flavor is present with a 4.5% ABV, the hard seltzer does not have a boozy aftertaste at all. Both the fragrance and the delightful and subtle flavor are that of an authentic fresh watermelon. Here’s to enjoying summertime flavors all year long!


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