High Noon Vodka Soda Review: Kiwi


Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2.3g

ABV: 4.5%

High Noon Vodka & Soda KiwiHigh Noon Vodka & Soda Kiwi for a Refreshing and Delicious Drinking Experience

When you think of a fruit that grows on a vine, grapes usually come to mind. However, there is another popular vine fruit, and that fruit is the kiwi. The kiwi fruit has been a popular fruit for several centuries. First cultivated in China, it’s now grown and enjoyed across the globe. When it comes to exciting and unique mixed drinks, kiwi cocktails easily make it to the top of the list. Unfortunately, few drinks feature this flavor. High Noon Kiwi seltzer is one of the few. We tested it, and here’s what we think.


It’s pretty difficult deciding which is more impressive between the looks of this drink and its taste. It is a lovely addition to any table. Straight from the can, High Noon Vodka & Soda Kiwi seltzer smells like cherry. However, it tastes like a kiwi. The taste is so good – better than most other seltzers you’ll see around. It’s also a little tart, so you’ll easily get addicted. Whether you’re drinking at home or outdoors, the sweet puckery flavor satisfies. The pale yellow color featured by this vodka soda is beautiful in a wine glass. However, if you decide to sip directly from the can, you’ll still enjoy its delicious and juicy taste. We loved the consistency of the light fruity flavor from start to finish.

A Refreshing Start to Any Party

High Noon makes this Kiwi Hard Seltzer with vodka, real fruit juice, sparkling water & natural flavors. Its cherry smell is inviting and will urge you to drink on. When it does,  go on ahead because each can contains only 100 calories. At a 4.5% ABV level, we consider this seltzer mild enough for anybody. Its 2.3 grams total carb content is also relatively average compared to other hard seltzer products. It is also gluten-free and doesn’t contain any sugar. Every ingredient here is natural, so it’s not surprising that it tastes like real juice. Your guests will absolutely love it and may continue asking for more even when you’ve run out of available supplies.

Delightful Fruity Taste

The delicious fruit taste of High Noon Kiwi will bring your guests back for more. The drink manages to be sweet, tart, and refreshing at once. It often feels like you’re biting into a fresh kiwi. Its carbonation makes it a delight to watch in a glass. High Noon Kiwi Seltzer tastes great, and its sweet puckery flavor makes it a good drink to combine with any food. But its delicious and juicy nature makes it a great option for any party too. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ party or a beach party, you can always pop this vodka soda to light up the mood. You and your guests will have fun popping this one.

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