Hell’s Seltzer Review: Berry Inferno

Hell's Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 120

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5.6%

Hell’s Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer is a Fiery Fruit Medley

Hell's Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer— It used to be if you wanted a cold treat with lots of different fruit flavors, your craving was best met with a snow cone. Snow cones, of course, are cups of shaved ice flavored with your choice of syrups. You could have grape. You could have cherry. Perhaps blue raspberry. Maybe even mix your flavors. Typically found at state fairs and carnivals, snow cones are a staple of summer. If, however, you are craving a mixture of fruit flavors and there’s no carnival around, you can always treat yourself to an appropriately flavored hard seltzer. Hell’s Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer is a spiked and sparkling beverage that will satisfy even the most fervent of fruit flavor cravings.

Fruity Fragrance

One of the first indicators of a quality hard seltzer is the fragrance. When you first open a can of Hell’s Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer you are treated to a hypnotically elegant aroma of mixed berries. It’s hard to delineate any one specific berry fragrance. Rather, the odor is a pleasant cascade of multiple fruit fragrances. Another indicator of how much you’ll enjoy a particular hard seltzer can be the alcohol content. In the case of this hard seltzer, it has a 5.6% alcohol by volume (ABV) for those who like a little extra. Each can contains 120 calories, with 3 grams of total carbohydrates and 3 grams of total sugars. This spiked seltzer is also gluten free. It’s a tidy little package with a nice little kick. Find even more fruity favorites on our Hard Seltzer Reviews page.

Hell’s Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer is Not Too Sweet

Once you have fully taken in the aroma of your hard seltzer, the next test is taste. When you take your first sip of this Hell’s Seltzer you will be met with a medley of fruit flavors. To be sure, you will taste raspberry right off the top. It’s an elegant and engaging flavor. Next the flavor of fresh blueberries becomes apparent. Finally, you will be engaged by the subtle flavor of peach. The overall flavor package is very pleasing. It is a mild flavor that is not too sweet or overpowering. If you choose to pour your hard seltzer over ice, you will also marvel at the beautiful carbonation factor and the clear consistency. The bubbles are mesmerizing and ascend with a satisfying sizzle.

Fun to Drink

When you were a kid, there was probably no fruit flavored treat you loved as much as snow cones. As an adult you have more options for satisfying your craving. Hell’s Berry Inferno Hard Seltzer is full of fresh fruit flavors including raspberry, blueberry, and just a hint of peach. This hard seltzer has a 5.6% ABV, logging in at 120 calories per can. Each can contains 3 grams of total sugars and 3 grams of total carbohydrates. This hard seltzer is also gluten free. With a clear complexion and a fantastic carbonation level, this hard seltzer is fun to drink. The flavor is never too sweet or overpowering. This mixed fruit hard seltzer is a great beverage with which to end the day or start the weekend. Or in other words and as Gordon Ramsay would say, “it’s f-ing sensational!”


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