Cutwater Canned Cocktail Review: Tiki Rum Punch

Cutwater Tiki Rum Punch

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 190

Carbs: 14g

ABV: 7%

Cutwater Tiki Rum PunchCutwater Tiki Rum Punch is a Brunch Favorite

Every rum punch lover knows that the sweet and vibrant tropical drink is great for every occasion. Unfortunately, it often gets reserved for vacations, which has led us to believe it is an underrated cocktail recipe. Many people associate rum drinks with tropical holidays, but we disagree. If you’re open to it, you’ll find that rum goes perfect in many more recipes than you know. People have been sipping punch since the 1600s. The word “punch” is from a Hindi word pāñć meaning “five,” denoting the initial recipe of five ingredients. The drink eventually moved from England to the West Indies, where it developed the more tropical notes that many ready-to-drink canned cocktail companies use today. One option that stands out for its fruity, smooth, and refreshing taste is Cutwater Tiki Rum Punch. We heard drinkers raving about it and decided to test it.

A Tropical Holiday Favorite

Cutwater Tiki Rum Punch is an excellent option if you need a pick-me-up. With summer months always full of activities, you’ll need a drink that matches your energy as you keep up with all of the beautiful activities you’ve planned. None does it better than this Tiki Rum Punch from Cutwater. The drink is delicious and fruity. Bring it out at any party, and the rum lovers will turn to it because it’s the real deal. It comes in a portable short can, perfect for outdoor activities or trips to the beach. This offering contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, just delicious rum. Everything about this canned cocktail is on point, from its tropical aroma to its refreshing taste. Every sip reminds us of a glass of rum with a slice of pineapple on the side and a cherry floating on top – so good.

A Blend of Fruity Taste and Fragrance

Some evenings, after a stressful day at work, you’ll just want to sit alone, reminiscing on beautiful memories or fantasizing about a beautiful future. What better company can you have than a classy tropical cocktail? Cutwater makes this Tiki Rum Punch with a combination of tropical fruit juices, cutwater Bali hai rums, and natural flavors. It has a refreshing taste, fruity fragrance, and a beautiful pink color. Its tropical fruit fragrance escapes into the air. The pretty pink color shows the drink off as a soft cocktail. But don’t be deceived because its 7% ABV content is potent. Each can contains 190 calories and 14 grams of carbohydrates which is also considered high for weight-watchers. But if none of these details matter to you, you can enjoy an evening of bliss immersed in a classy rum punch that has it all.

A Party Recipe

Cutwater Tiki Rum Punch is refreshing, with the perfect taste to please a party crowd. If you’re introducing this seltzer to your party, buy more than a few packs because people will be captivated by it. Quick note: it is best served cold, so we recommend throwing a few ice cubes into your glass.

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