Cutwater Canned Cocktail Review: Bloody Mary


Rating: 93 Points

Calories: 225

Carbs: 14g

ABV: 10%

Cutwater Bloody MaryCutwater Bloody Mary is a Delightful Seltzer Drink for Every Season

The popularity of the Bloody Mary cocktail is partly for its delicious taste and partly for its ability to jumpstart even the slowest of mornings. This cocktail has become a staple in every mixologist’s recipe list. Some say the classic Bloody Mary cocktail was first invented by a Paris bartender in the 1920s while experimenting with cocktails made from vodka. The drink’s name kept changing before it permanently took the name “Bloody Mary” in reference to England’s Queen Mary I. Whatever attracts drinkers to the Bloody Mary cocktail, it’s safe to say there’s no brunch cocktail quite like it. More recently, the Bloody Mary has inspired the production of different canned cocktails, as top ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail producers challenge their creativity to deliver cocktails for different occasions. One canned cocktail that has been making waves is Cutwater Bloody Mary. We decided to test it, and here’s what we found.

A Brunch Lover’s Dream

Savory and zesty with a kick, Cutwater Bloody Mary is just like a Bloody Mary at any local watering hole, making it a brunch drink of choice. It just needs a celery stick and a couple of olives, and voilà! You have the real deal. But make no mistake, this canned cocktail is delicious just the way it is. It’s an absolutely delightful drink that invites you for more from the first sip. However, you should be careful because it is indeed spicy. It’s a tad bit spicier than many other Bloody Mary canned cocktails out there, so you really should slow down with your first few sips until you adjust to the taste. You can see the pepper floating in the drink, adding to the authenticity.

A Sophisticated Cocktail for Every Season

Cutwater Bloody Mary is incredible, with all the right ingredients to deliver a punch from the start. Cutwater makes this Bloody Mary with two shots of cutwater vodka and cutwater spicy Bloody Mary mix. It has a great spicy tomato aroma, so every vodka lover in the room will likely jump on it. When they do, remember to warn them that its calorie content is significantly higher than many other beverages in the category. This drink’s 225 calories and 14 grams of total carbs may not be prudent for weight watchers. At a 10% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), it’s also high in alcohol content, although you can barely taste the spirits. The vodka is so smooth and clean with no boozy aftertaste. But you should be careful to avoid annoying hangovers if your tolerance is low. If you don’t mind a little more alcohol for the night, you can enjoy the sophistication and refreshment this drink brings anywhere. 

A Vodka Lover’s Delight

Cutwater Bloody Mary is one of the best Bloody Mary vodka seltzers out there. It tastes clean and authentic, making it an excellent choice for nights when you want to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. We recommend throwing a few ice cubes in your glass to enjoy the spectacle it creates. Remember to shake it well before pouring.

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