Corona Refresca Hard Seltzer Review: Coconut Lime

Corona Refresca Coconut Lime

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 195

Carbs: 25.2g

ABV: 4.5%

Corona Refresca Coconut LimeCorona Refresca Coconut Lime is a Blend of Tropical Goodness in Every Sip

One of the most pleasant things to do on a hot summer day is to drink a cool, refreshing beverage. Of course, coconut water is an obvious choice. Imagine sitting on a beach in your favorite location, watching surfers and children enjoy the azure blue waves while you sip from a coconut…bliss! There are so many ways to enjoy this sweet, tropical fruit. You can blend coconut into a cocktail, drink coconut water, or eat chunks of coconut as is. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure of enjoying some sweet and refreshing goodies this season. What if you can’t travel to your dream location? You can bring the same enjoyment to your home with coconut canned cocktails. One option that comes to mind is Corona Refresca Coconut Lime Seltzer. Don’t know how it tastes? We tested it, and here’s what we found.

An Exotic Blend of Coconut and Lime 

Corona Refresca Coconut Lime is a refreshing seltzer that works for every weather and event. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for something tropical. The moment you open the can, a sweet coconut aroma fills the air. It’s so strong you can easily confuse it for coconut water. But don’t be deceived – it’s a hard seltzer with all the qualities to light up any party. The cloudy white color is reminiscent of the milk in a freshly cracked coconut. So you can throw a straw in it, put on your favorite sun hat and imagine you’re on an island filled with swaying palm trees. The hint of lime brings a slightly tart taste to the otherwise sweet drink.

Sun, Sand & Coconut

Corona Refresca makes this coconut lime canned cocktail with imported malt beverage, natural flavors, and certified colors. The hard seltzer has a sweet taste, but you’ll be happy to learn that the drink achieves this with zero grams of sugar. This offering has a relatively low alcohol content. That, along with its sweet taste, will have you returning for more. But don’t forget that this hard seltzer contains 195 calories and 25.2 grams of carbohydrates which is higher than the average. It’s also not gluten-free, so if these things matter to you, you better not get carried away with the sweet coconut taste.

Enjoy Every Sip

There’s probably no better feeling than enjoying the weekend sun with a special companion. A can of Corona Refresca Coconut Lime Seltzer completes the experience. It’s not just delicious but also refreshing with an aroma that lures you to have a taste. Although very sweet, Corona Refresca Coconut Lime’s flavor stays consistent from start to finish. The sweet coconut scent will set the tone for a beautiful evening getaway experience. We recommend using a wine glass since the cloudy white color gives it a tropical feel.

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