Corona Hard Seltzer Review: Blackberry Lime

Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer

Rating: 72 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

This Corona Combination Will Leave You Wanting More Flavor But That’s About It

Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer— So maybe you were recently perusing the shelves of your local grocery store’s beer and wine section and this flavor combination caught your attention. You thought it might be good. Maybe even amazing! That it will leave you wanting more and that you could envision yourself knocking down can after can on a cool autumn night. That all sounds great and we even felt that way at first glance. And it definitely left us wanting more. But not another can, just more flavor and more carbonation. The timid, fruity flavor and low carbonation of Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer doesn’t make it the best spiked seltzer to enjoy by itself, but perhaps makes for a good canvas to paint with new flavors by mixing and matching with other ingredients.

Zero Flavor But Zero Carbs

Even though this flavor basically tastes like lightly-flavored carbonated water, at least there’s good news for those worried about how many carbs are in one can of this hard seltzer: zero. That’s right. Not only is the carb content at a satisfying zero, so is the processed sugar quantity. With 90 calories per serving you can have more than one Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer relatively guilt free. And if you are gluten intolerant or avoiding gluten, it’s also gluten free. With a 4.5% ABV you can enjoy this drink throughout the day or night and not be overwhelmed. But you won’t be overwhelmed with flavor, either.

Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer Puts More Emphasis on The Lime

Truth be told, for this Corona seltzer rating, there isn’t much to write home about when it comes to flavor. And interestingly, lime is the overpowering factor in the mix and you can hardly taste the blackberry. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be the final verdict on the drinking experience. Why pace through this Corona Hard Seltzer by itself when you can pair it with something more tasty? How about some real crushed blackberries or raspberries as a flavor booster or even some apple juice concentrate? Vodka is always a favorite choice for lime-based mixers. How about your version of a Caipiroska? Or perhaps switch it up with white rum and, voila, you’ve got your own spin on a mojito! The low carbonation makes the drink a bit flat to begin with, but it can be easily fixed with a regular soda. Who knows? You might just pioneer your own cocktail and leave a lasting impression on your party.

Get Creative

Nothing beats thinking on your feet when the moment calls for it. Maybe not what you expect from ready to drink canned seltzer, but you can still salvage the game even though you were dealt a bad hand. Got a motley crew of ingredients, some even lack luster? Why not create some harmony and make them part of the hard seltzer show? It’s far from the best by itself, but Corona Blackberry Lime Hard Seltzer presents an opportunity to create a new perspective on some mixed drinks with the right amount of creativity.


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