Cayman Jack Canned Cocktail Review: Paloma


Rating: 88 Points


Carbs: g

ABV: 5.8%

Cayman Jack Paloma

Cayman Jack Paloma has a Tropical Vibe

Tropical is the vibe that Cayman Jack seeks to establish in Cayman Jack’s Paloma Canned Cocktail. If you love strong citrus flavors, then this is an adult beverage that may be right for you, given its strong taste. The Cayman Jack Paloma is advertised as a premium malt beverage with natural flavors. The two primary flavors are grapefruit and agave. Overall, it is intended to be a sweet beverage that provides quite the experience for the tastebuds. The relatively average alcohol content doesn’t affect the citrus flavor while still providing a subtle boozy experience. We decided to try it, and here is a review that highlights our taste testers’ thoughts.

Strong Grapefruit Flavor with a Hint of Agave

The grapefruit flavor in the Cayman Jack Paloma is simply excellent. The grapefruit is by far the most noticeable flavor. Our testers reported a much less prominent flavor for the agave. If you love agave, then this may be a slight disappointment. However, if you are not the biggest fan of agave, then it likely works in your favor. Nevertheless, overall, the flavor is powerful, with the grapefruit overpowering the taste experience. This canned cocktail has a cloudy appearance. There is great level of carbonation, and the bubbles make it a much better and livelier drink. It smells fresh and fruity with a little tanginess due to the grapefruit. As soon as you open the can, you are greeted with a nice, aromatic citrus scent.

Provides a Kick With 5.8% Alcohol by Volume

Cayman Jack Paloma contains real grapefruit juice and nectar from real agave. Each can is 12 ounces. The ABV content is 5.8%. Although it can certainly deliver quite the buzz, the alcohol taste is minimal (which we enjoyed). As discussed, the flavors are also naturally derived from real fruits, and it is combined with high-quality malt alcohol. This is a great alternative if you want a Paloma cocktail but do not enjoy the taste of tequila. These cocktails are also reported to be gluten-free, but the gluten content can’t be verified. They have a shelf life of up to a year after they are bottled. You can find the date each can was bottled on the batch code that is located on the bottom of the cans.

A Tropical Thunderstorm in a Can

Cayman Jack compares the flavor experience provided by the Paloma Canned Cocktail to a tropical thunderstorm. Once you taste the flavor, you begin to see precisely what they mean. It has a strong and sweet flavor. This is due in large part to the natural grapefruit flavors that take center stage. We were concerned that the agave may be too strong and overpowering. However, the agave seems intentionally milder than the grapefruit, which is nice. Overall, we recommend this canned cocktail for just about any occasion where you are drinking casually with friends and family. From laid-back movie nights with your significant other to traveling to the beach with a group of your closest friends, these canned cocktails by Cayman Jack are not going to disappoint.

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