Canteen Gin Spritz Canned Cocktail Review: Citrus

CANTEEN Gin Spritz Citrus

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

CANTEEN Gin Spritz CitrusCanteen Gin Spritz Citrus is an Enjoyable Canned Cocktail for Gin Enthusiasts

Summer is winding down, and it’s the time of year for family reunions once more. Love them or hate them, when your whole family gets together, you get to finally catch up with distant cousins and other relatives. There’s also the opportunity to eat lots of festive foods. And, we can’t deny that consuming cocktails is an essential part of this endeavor. Grandma needs her vodka. Mom loves her wine, and dad, well, he can’t go without his gin. But bartending – even in your backyard – can be very intimidating. It’s expensive, and you don’t want to over-serve your nearest and dearest. This brings us to the need for ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs). RTD makers know how important it is to get the right mixture of flavor, alcohol, and calories. One canned cocktail option that stands out is Canteen Gin Spritz Citrus. This classy canned cocktail easily replaces cocktails for moments when you want to create special memories. 

Classic Gin with a Modern Twist

Whether it’s a family hangout, a grill party, or you just chose to lounge with a few friends at the lakeside, you’ll want to have a Canteen Gin Spritz Citrus at hand. Gin enthusiasts will surely love this one for how it brings the fruity vibe to a classy gin experience. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to a gimlet drink as far as canned cocktails are concerned. But it’s not just about the gin experience. It also tastes great, making it an exciting experience for first-time drinkers. You can taste the lemon, lime, and cucumber from the first sip, showing just how flavor-packed the drink is. And none of this affects the crispness and cleanliness of the drink’s taste, as it remains smooth and consistent from start to finish. Its aroma smells like fresh-cut cucumber, and every sip urges you on.

Delicious Fruity Cocktail 

Canteen Gin Spritz Citrus is a delicious blend of botanical gin combined with richly rounded, natural flavors to give it a sharp, sweet taste you can’t resist. Imagine a can of chilled seltzer after a hard day at work. It refreshes your mind and reinvigorates your body. No wonder many people see it as the perfect spa experience. However, it’s a bit heavy on citrus, so you might tire of the taste after a few cans. But if this is not an issue for you, then, by all means, keep drinking. After all, at 5% ABV, it’s on the lighter side for alcohol content. And, in case you’re concerned about sugar, this one doesn’t contain any. The carbonation level is also impressive, so we recommend pouring it into individual glasses to enjoy the spectacle it creates.

Delivers All-Around Quality

Everything about Canteen Gin Spritz Citrus is a win, from its artistic can to its inviting aroma and delicious taste. Most people get addicted from the first sip. But it’s okay if you’re not impressed from the start. Many drinkers think the taste grows on them. So you just might still like it after a few more sips. It’s a versatile drink, so don’t be afraid to experiment to enjoy a mixologist adventure. Close your eyes for a moment after your first sip, and it’ll feel like you’re on a beautiful beach away from the chaos of city life.

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