Bud Light Seltzer Review: Cherry Cola Hard Soda

Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda Sings a Fun, Flavor-Filled Refrain

Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda— Cherry cola is a popular beverage that is made by mixing cola and cherry syrup. After decades of being a staple of old-fashioned soda fountains, soft drink giant Coca-Cola started making a canned version of the drink in 1982. Coke introduced the new flavor at the World’s Fair that year in Knoxville, Tennessee. Three years later, Cherry Coke went into mainstream production. On Coke’s heels, Royal Crown Cola started marketing Cherry RC in 1985. Pepsi, Coca-Cola’s chief rival brand, introduced Cherry Cola Slice in 1986, but replaced it with Pepsi Wild Cherry in 1988. Now all three soda giants also offer diet or zero sugar versions of their cherry cola. And now you can enjoy the classic old-time soda flavor with a kick with Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda.

Authentic Aroma

Trying a new hard seltzer flavor is a fun experience. Will the scent match the picture on the can? Will the fragrance make your mouth water? That’s the hope. In the case of Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda, the beverage is infused with a very authentic fragrance. You can smell the sweetness of cherry in the air. It smells just like an old-fashioned cherry cola. Old timers will be reminded of the cherry colas they used to get when soda fountains peppered most cities. Members of the younger generation will be reminded of Cherry Coke from a can. Either way, the fragrance is heavenly. And if you are a fan of hearty carbonation, you’ll be pleased with the number of bubbles with this tasty hard soda. Find more fizzy favorites in our Bud Light Seltzer Reviews category.

Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda has a Yummy Cherry Flavor

Not only does this Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda smell like a classic soft drink version of the flavor, but it is also blessed with the authentic taste as well. And this is a hard seltzer that goes down easy with no boozy aftertaste. You will hardly taste the alcohol at all. This drink is made with water, cold-fermented cane sugar, and natural flavors (in addition to caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, sucralose, tartaric acid, acesulfame K, and malted rice). If you don’t like a long list of ingredients in your seltzers this lineup may not be for you. But if you like sweet seltzers, this one is pleasantly sweet like the soft drink, thanks to the sucralose. Despite the sweet taste, it only has 100 calories. Even though you can’t taste the alcohol, it’s definitely there. This hard seltzer has a respectable 5% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Nice Color

Featuring an esthetically pleasing caramel color, Bud Light Seltzer Cherry Cola Hard Soda is fun to drink. It has a lovely number of bubbles, smells exquisite, and has a very light alcohol flavor. Although plenty sweet, this spiked soda contains 0 grams of added sugars and has just 2 grams of total carbs per serving. At just 100 calories per can, this hard seltzer won’t pack on the pounds. Considering how easy it is to drink, this is a hard seltzer that you’d have a hard time stopping with just one. The 5% ABV is pretty middle of the road but will catch up with you if you cut loose so enjoy in moderation. For a delightful flavor experience that will remind you of your favorite cherry cola from your youth, consider trying this fun tasting gluten-free hard soda from Bud Light Seltzer.


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