Our Brand New Seltzer Finder!

Seltzer Nation Seltzer Finder

Introducing the New Seltzer Finder!

We have some exciting news. After months of production, we can finally announce that Seltzer Nation’s Seltzer Finder is live! Seltzer Finder is a landing page where you can search hard seltzers, sodas, and spritzers by flavors, ABV (alcohol by volume), calories, base alcohol, and carbs. Your search will lead you to a list of drinks that fit your qualifications and our reviews of each of those drinks.

You’re busy. You don’t have time to try out every single hard seltzer to figure out which ones taste like heaven in a can and which ones need to be immediately poured down the drain. Trying out hundreds of seltzers is time-consuming. It’s expensive. It wastes both your time and money when you get it wrong. So, we did it for you.

Imagine this…

It’s Friday night. Friend’s night. The night where you and your buddies always get together for drinks. You’re heading home after a long day. Beside you, your text chimes, and you immediately know that it’s your buddy. They want to know what you want from the liquor aisle, and you know you want a hard seltzer, but you’re not sure which to pick.

Pulling into your driveway, you scoop up your phone and head to Seltzer Finder.

How to Use Seltzer Nation’s Seltzer Finder

Seltzer Nation Seltzer Finder

Upon entering the landing page, you will see several options. on the left, you’ll see a list of search options: Flavor, ABV, Calories, Base Alcohol, and Carbs. On the right, you will see our most recent reviews, newest first. You are welcome to filter your results by as many or as few search options as you want. If you only care about the level of alcohol in your drink, scroll down to ABV. For the purpose of example, however, we’re going to take you through the search menu using all of the search options.


Filtered flavors

Flavor tab

Let’s say, for example, you’re in the mood for a hard seltzer that tastes like citrus. Click on the small plus sign next to the word “Flavor”, and a list of flavors will open. Each flavor is listed alphabetically. If you scroll down and toggle the small box next to “Citrus”, the results will immediately update, filtering to a shorter product list. These updated flavors are the complementary flavors found with citrus (for example, Strawberry Citrus Smash by Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer). Without clicking on any other flavors, your “Citrus” search has produced three pages of reviews.
You can narrow down your flavor search from here by clicking on other flavors, say if you already know that you want an orangey or grapefruit citrus taste. However, for this example, let’s say you’re not sure what flavors you want along with your citrus.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Seltzer Finder ABV

When you open the ABV (alcohol by volume) menu by clicking on the plus sign beside “ABV”, you will have three options:

5% to 6% – this is the most common alcohol by volume content for hard seltzer brands. Most of White Claw or Truly products, for example, have this alcohol level.

More than 6% – this is a less common abv content for hard seltzers, however, some of the bigger brands offer higher alcohol options.

Less than 5% – while less popular than the 5% – 6% category, many brands elect to have a lower abv level.

For the purpose of this example, we’re going to say that you choose the lowest ABV option. When you click on the “Less than 5%” option, your already filtered list will drop to just two pages of results. In these results, you’re going to see a few Bon Viv products and a couple of products from Coors and Sparkling Ice. Most of the products we review are available nationwide, but some, like Funky Buddha, may only be available in select states. You’ve narrowed down your list more, but you still have quite a few options, so let’s move on to the calorie content.

Calories Seltzer Nation Seltzer Finder Calories

Without any filters, this category would have three options to choose from:

Less than 100 – this is relatively common with hard seltzer and RTD (ready to drink) Cocktails.

100 – 150 – this is the most common.

Greater than 150 – this usually only pertains to hard seltzers with above a 6% ABV.

However, as you’ve selected both the “citrus” and “less than 5%” filters, the menu is only giving you two options: less than 100 and 100 – 150 calories. Say you’re looking for a low-calorie drink. Maybe you want to have a couple tonight. Whatever your reason, you toggle the box next to “less than 100”. This brings your options down a little, but you still have over one page of results, so it’s time for you to decide what kind of alcohol you want in your product.

Base Alcohol

Seltzer Nation Seltzer Finder Base Alcohol Menu

Without any filters toggled, you would have four base alcohol options:

Sugar/Malt (Most Hard Seltzers)

Tequila (Seltzers & Sodas)

Vodka (Seltzers & Sodas)

Wine (Seltzers & Spritzers)

As you have the “citrus”, “less than 5%” ABV, and “less than 100” calories filters on, you only have three options on your Base Alcohol menu. Say Tequila and Vodka don’t appeal to you, you toggle “Sugar/Malt”, and (happy dance) you’re down to one page of results! Let’s prune it down even more.

Carbs Seltzer Finder Carbs

If you have no filters on, the “Carb” menu presents three options:

0 Grams

As you’ve already filtered down your list by flavors, ABV, calories, base alcohol, you no longer have the 0 grams option. Let’s say you select 1 to 2 Grams. And, you have your results!

The Results

Seltzer Nation Seltzer Finder Results

If you notice, as you filtered results, the flavor menu cut down to about half of the original “citrus” results. You now have eight total results. If you love grapefruit, you’re in luck, you have four options to choose from. Just click on the product, and you can see our ratings and read our reviews of each. Say Grapefruit isn’t your jam, you can also choose between Coors Seltzer and Bon Viv’s lemon-lime. Or, you can read our review of that sweeeet Strawberry Citrus Smash. Each review has our rating, nutritional information, and our thoughts on the product. In just a minute or two, you’re ready to text your friend back and tell them exactly which seltzer you want to drink tonight. Then, all you have left to do is enjoy!

Our list of flavors grows with every review we write. So, make sure you check Seltzer Nation’s Seltzer Finder frequently for updates as there will likely be new flavor reviews.


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