Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer Review: Lemon Lime


Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 4.5%

Bon & Viv Unites a Happy Couple with Their Lemon Lime Spiked Seltzer

Bon Viv Lemon Lime Spiked Seltzer— Bon & Viv Lemon Lime Spiked Seltzer is like nectar from the Gods on a hot summer day. Its lemon lime goodness calls to you, like a mirage to a weary traveler in the desert. As you place this spiked seltzer against your lips and take your first sip, a wave of citrusy perfection envelopes you and takes over your senses. The fresh scent of lime and lemon is distinct with floral and fruity tones that melt your day’s troubles away. The milder alcohol content provides a gentle relaxation while not overpowering you too quickly. As you take another sip of this hard seltzer, a cool wave of crisp carbonation tickles your tongue. The gentle bubbles are flirty and playful and not as aggressive as some other brands of lemon lime hard seltzers. Its both delightful and refreshing.

Lemon Lime all The Time

This is a drink that’s perfect for a back yard barbecue or a summer pool party. Brunch with a group of friends or a day at the beach with your entire entourage. In fact, you don’t need the barbecue grill, the swimming pool, Eggs Benedict and mimosas, or the white sandy beach at all to make it a fun afternoon get together or fancy evening soirée. Just open a can of this Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer and the party comes to you! This hard sparkling water almost tastes like a spiked version of Sprite lemon lime soda, but with much less carbonation and far more convenience. No longer will you have take the time and deal with the hassle of getting alcohol, lemon lime soda, and then mixing the two. Instead, now you can simply reach for a can, crack it open, and let your refreshment begin. No muss, no fuss.

Bon Appétit

Now let’s talk about another impressive part of this drink, its nutritional information and ingredients. What if we told you that it has zero sugar, zero gluten, and is only 90 calories. Would you believe us? It’s true, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzers have no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is born of all things natural. It’s made using only purified water and its delicious bouquet of flavors comes from all natural ingredients. Everything is natural and pure right down to the champagne yeast they use. And with only 2g of carbs this beverage is the perfect choice for those trying to avoid extra calories and carbohydrates.

Bon & Viv Lemon Lime Spiked Seltzer Sizzles

After reviewing this flavor the verdict is in and this seltzer is guilty. Guilty of being a fantastic lemon lime hard seltzer. This drink is a winner and was a sure hit with just about everyone we know who tried it. No sugar? Zero fat? No gluten? Yes please! Packed with citrus and lemony undertones, this seltzer might just be the perfect blend of mild versus manic and sour versus sweet. The middle path of all things dramatic and demure. This seltzer is ideal for the lovers of subtle and understated brilliance.


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