Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer Review: Cranberry

Bon & Viv Cranberry Spiked Seltzer

Rating: 82 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

This Cranberry Spiked Seltzer’s Flavor is No Cosmopolitan

Bon & Viv Cranberry Spiked Seltzer— If you were perusing hard seltzers seeking a substitute for a Cosmopolitan cocktail then this may not be the one for you. Bon Viv Cranberry Spiked Seltzer is many things, but it isn’t the charming drink we have come to love. Cosmo cocktails became a rage in the 2000’s thanks to the show Sex and the City. Everyone wanted more of the pink cocktail that spelled savvy sophistication. With it grew the popularity of cranberry juice and cranberry flavored cocktails. But what this drink may lack in pomp and merriment it more than makes up for with its light, drinkable nature.

Very Muted Flavor

This drink doesn’t scream cranberry when you first taste it. In fact, if you’re expecting the typical strong cranberry flavor you’ll likely be disappointed. This Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer is almost neutral in taste and will have you guessing the flavor. Its mellowness permeates to its alcohol and carbonation level, too. Not only is the taste less zingy but so are the bubbles. The effervescence is gentle and mild. And the light flavor profile combined with a moderate 4.5% ABV also allows you to enjoy more than just one. And with zero sugar and zero carbs why wouldn’t you? It has a mere 90 calories and is also gluten free, unlike beers and other malt beverages. So, in this area, its lightness is actually a plus.

Bon Viv Cranberry Spiked Seltzer Lacks The Typical Tartness

When you think of a cranberry flavored drink, you think of a ruby pink liquid that seduces you with its sweetness. Yet also engulfs you with an acidic, tarty finish that makes your mouth pucker. That’s not the case with this hard sparkling water. This drink is on the bland side and doesn’t elicit much excitement. If it was a color it would be beige. It feels rather neutral, which is very unusual for anything cranberry flavored. But this quality also makes it fantastic for incorporating into other cocktails for an added boost. Perhaps it could be used as a less decadent mixer to your favorite liquor. Carrie Bradshaw may not endorse it as her favorite substitution for a Cosmopolitan. But your local bartender might vouch for its value as an ingredient in an innovative skinny cocktail.

Hard to Identify but Easy to Drink

Bon Viv Cranberry Spiked Seltzer may come across as mediocre when compared to its other flavors, but its taste is pleasant and refreshing nonetheless. Never mind that you can’t quite put your finger on what flavor its actually supposed to be. By itself, this one measures up well against other Bon Viv reviews. For having zero grams of sugar this hard seltzer is sweet enough. Its modest alcohol level and lack of a sour finish work well with people who don’t want anything too adventurous and it makes for a great mixer with other cocktails, too. Where it lacks in pizazz it makes up for in quiet resilience. It’s a solid option for someone who wants a light drink to relax with on a quiet evening or someone who wants to pace themselves for a roaring night that lies ahead.


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