Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer Review: Strawberry Tangerine

Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Organic Hard Seltzer

Rating: 84 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4.5%

Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Hard Seltzer Presents a Tasty Mix of Balanced Flavors

Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Organic Hard Seltzer— Have you ever been to a farmer’s market? It’s a gathering of independent farmers and taste artisans offering the freshest flavors to the general public. Depending on your location, the variety of fruits available at your local farmer’s market will vary. But two wonderful natural fruit flavors widely available are tangerine and strawberry. The tangerine is a small, orange-colored citrus fruit. The taste is usually sweeter and stronger than that of an orange. Strawberries, of course, are big red berries that so many of us love. They have a pleasant odor and offer a very sweet and tempting juicy taste. Blending the two fruit flavors can be challenging. Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Hard Seltzer has accepted that challenge with their new tempting and bubbly concoction.

Sneaky Citrus Notes

When you open a can of Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Hard Seltzer you are greeted by an unfamiliar citrus fragrance. It is not a bad fragrance, but it was hard for us to place at first. But as the scent begins to spread in the air, you can identify the tones of the tangerine. As it continues to permeate around you, a pleasing hint of strawberry gradually prevails. Fruity and fun, this adult sparking water is still kind to the midsection with a mere 90 calories per can. It’s also USDA Certified Organic hard seltzer, gluten-free, has 0 grams of total sugars and just 1 gram of total carbohydrates.

Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Hard Seltzer Brings Balanced Flavor

In terms of flavor, Big Country Hard Seltzer puts it all on the line. This spiked sparkling water is packed with a flavor best described as “citrus meets berry.” In all honesty, it is a really cool flavor. There is a lot to like. Although strawberries and tangerines are known for their sweeter flavors, this seltzer is not overly sweet at all. It is more of a refined flavor for a mature palate. The tangerine and strawberry balance each other nicely as the intensity of the tangerine blends well with the sweeter strawberry tones. It is an artisan mix to be sure. All in all, it is very unique and interesting. However, while this is not a bad beverage by any means, those lusting after a super sweet berry taste might wish to look at other flavor options.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Citrus and berries aren’t just for summer fun. If you are looking for a well-blended, unconventional mix of flavors, you can enjoy Big Country Strawberry Tangerine Organic Hard Seltzer in any season. Offering a nice blend of citrus and berry flavors, this adult sparkling water is big on taste and low on sweetness. The drink is listed as having only 90 calories per can, which makes it a great beverage to enjoy year-round. It has low total carbs and zero total sugar, which makes it a perfect alcoholic beverage for those watching their weight. Strawberries and tangerines are two very popular flavors on their own, so it is interesting to experience how they blend together. Although the beverage is not sweet, if you enjoy a more mature flavor profile it is a mix that is worth trying.


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