Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer Review: Coconut Papaya

Big Country Coconut Papaya Organic Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4.5%

Big Country Coconut Papaya Hard Seltzer Delivers Authentic Tropical Flavors

Big Country Coconut Papaya Organic Hard Seltzer— One of the great things about growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was watching reruns of the classic situation comedy, Gilligan’s Island. The show featured everybody’s favorite castaways: the Skipper, the Professor, millionaires Mr. and Mrs. Howell, the movie star Ginger, and the wholesome farm girl, Mary Ann. And of course, the inept first mate himself, Gilligan. No matter the conundrum, you could always count on Mary Ann and Ginger whipping up a tropical delight with the island’s naturally available ingredients. Coconuts were always popular with the castaways. It’s hard to recall if Gilligan and his friends had access to papaya or not. But if they did, they surely made great use of it. Luckily you don’t need to be stranded on a desert isle to find out that coconut and papaya go well together. Because Big Country Coconut Papaya Organic Hard Seltzer has done that for you.

Tantalizing Tropical Bouquet

When you pop open a can of Big Country Coconut Papaya Hard Seltzer you are instantly treated to the scrumptious bouquet of fresh papaya. The tantalizing fragrance washes over you like a wave of pure refreshment. And as the papaya scent slowly fades, you are then fully engulfed in the sinfully pleasant scents of coconut. Combined, the papaya and coconut fragrance is simply heavenly. And your mouth will literally start to water in anticipation. Adding to that anticipation is the fact that there are just 90 calories per can. You will be able to enjoy a few of these tasty tropical treats without ruining your diet. In fact, the beverage is also 100% gluten-free, has 0 grams of total sugars and only 1 gram of total carbs so no need to batten down the hatches. Ahoy, Mateys!

Big Country Coconut Papaya Hard Seltzer is a Cascade of Flavor

As provocative as the aroma of this spiked sparkling water might seem at first, experiencing the cascade of flavors upon the tongue is a sensory experience beyond compare. Coconut is a hard flavor to get right, especially without added sugars. In the case of this organic hard seltzer, the drink has just the right amount of natural sweetness. This optimum level of sweetness is present for both the coconut and papaya flavors. What stands out most is the creamy, nutty, and natural tones of coconut that embrace the palate. And the papaya adds just the right kick to punch up the flavor to the next level. All these big flavors and a moderate 4.5% ABV combine for a surprisingly light and enjoyable seltzer experience.

A Bold Statement

While Mary Ann and Ginger taught us the many ways to enjoy coconut and tropical fruits on Gilligan’s Island, it is Big Country Coconut Papaya Hard Seltzer that makes a bold flavor statement in the burgeoning hard seltzer market. This lively drink has one of the most authentic coconut flavors available. It is a filling flavor that has a creamy after glow. Adding an equally authentic papaya flavor makes this beverage an easy pick when in search of your next tropical seltzer flavor. The 4.5% alcohol by volume further accentuates these tropical tones for the adult crowd and will have you reaching in the cooler for more. Yet, with only 90 calories per serving, even Mary Ann and Ginger would be able to enjoy a few without harm to their figures.


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