BEV Wine Spritz Review: Gris

Bev Gris

Rating: 84 Points

Calories: 107

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 11.9%

Bev Gris

BEV Gris Brings Life to the Wine Spritz Category

BEV Wine Spritzes have livened up the canned wine spritz category. They are not shy and are the perfect companion for those who enjoy having a good time. The colorful and cute cans, the unique wine flavor, and the powerful punch of alcohol all combine to create a truly unique wine spritz experience. These are ideal beverages for anyone who wants an alternative to a traditional glass of wine and wants the convenience of carrying their wine with them wherever they go. From drinking at home with friends before a night out to fun trips to the beach with the family, these beverages are great for just about any occasion where fun is the ultimate goal. We decided to try them all, and here is our review of Bev Gris.

Bubbly, Crisp, and Full of Flavor

Upon taking a sip of BEV Gris, it’s immediately evident that this wine spritz contains some less common wine spritz flavor notes. It packs a punch. According to Bev’s website, those flavor notes include elderflower, pear, and zesty grapefruit. Bev Gris is made with California Pinot Grigio. The bold flavor creates an intriguing bottled-wine alternative. The flavor is at its finest when poured over ice or when pulled directly out of a cooler. It is a nice option for summer events, such as pool parties, trips to the beach, and outdoor cookouts with friends and family. The low carbonation level provides a nice, but not overpowering, bubbly experience. The aftertaste is crisp and refreshing.

A Wine Spritz That Packs a Punch

Please remember to drink responsibly, as this wine spritz is stronger than the average canned beverage. The BEV Gris contains 11.9% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). This is great for getting a little saucy before a night out on the town, although you may have to closely watch how much you consume at once. It is not ideal for those who are sensitive to alcohol or want less alcohol content, but it is a great choice for wine spritz lovers that desire a crisp and strong taste with every sip. From an alcohol content perspective, this wine spritz is similar to a glass of wine. However, the experience is much different. The unique taste and crisp aftertaste combine for a wine spritz experience that is memorable.

Drinkable on All Occasions

Everything about BEV Gris is unique. The branding and can design are easy to enjoy. The yellow and vibrant cans are incredibly cute. However, do not let the pretty little can fool you; this canned wine spritz packs quite the flavor and alcohol punch. The 11.9% ABV is enough to make you feel that you have over-imbibed if you consume too much. Overall, it is a unique and strong alternative to a traditional glass of wine, and the convenient can makes it perfect for any occasion (indoor or outdoor). Overall, this is a unique option and ideal for those who want a strong canned wine that provides a unique fruit-flavored wine taste.

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