Bev Wine Spritz Review: California Rosé Wine


Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 11.9%

Bev California Rosé WineBev California Rosé Wine For an Opportunity to Relive Beautiful Memories

You’ve probably read that traveling is the best way to discover new cultures and practice new languages. Well, traveling also offers an opportunity to sample new cuisines and enjoy flavors of wine. Some travelers even choose their destinations based on wine tourism, where they truly immerse themself in the history, taste, and aroma of viticulture. Wine has evolved from what it used to be. It’s now a part of life, culture, and diet. What better way to satisfy your wine thirst than with a higher quality wine that you can enjoy in ready-to-drink serving sizes. One option that ticks all these boxes is the Bev California Rosé Wine, a refreshing alternative to your classic bottled wine. We decided to try it, and here’s what we found.

A Signature Wine Experience

With canned wines becoming more popular, Bev has taken the wine experience a notch higher with the Bev California Rosé Wine. This wine features a lovely pink can that you’d want to touch straight out of the pack. But you’d only experience its full goodness when you open it. Its delightful aroma immediately fills the room, smelling of sweet, bubbling champagne. The aroma invites you to take a sip. Each sip contains hints of berries. The taste is dry and crisp. You’ll taste a hint of citrus in this one, but that adds to making it an experience you’ll never forget. And if you ever choose to pour it into a wine glass, you’ll be wowed by the beautiful peach color of the drink. It is light to the eye and refreshing to the throat. Whether it’s winter or summer, the delicious taste of this drink will make you want more.

High Alcohol Content 

Bev California Rosé Wine is also made with zero sugar and no artificial sweeteners or additives. Instead, the drink’s signature delicious taste is from the sweetness of California grapes. It’ll also interest you to know that drink is both carb and calorie-conscious. The 100 calories content and 3 grams of carb content is great for people that fancy a lighter option. However, tread carefully as the alcohol content is at 11.9% abv. You might want to watch the quantity of cans you’re drinking if you don’t want to wake up with an annoying hangover.

Great Wine, Refreshing Experience

Bev California Rosé Wine is delicious, portable, and aromatic. You can even stack a few cans into your backpack during your next hiking adventure. The brand compares this wine to a lady who isn’t afraid to let loose at all times. She’s the friend you want to have by your side when you need a refreshing change of pace. Whether you’re bringing Bev California Rosé Wine to your first or tenth beach bonfire, this wine offers you an experience you won’t forget. Pour it into a glass and enjoy.

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