Video Review: Monster The Beast Unleashed


Video Review: Monster The Beast Unleashed

Prepare to unleash the beast with Seltzer Nation testers David and Kira. In this video, the expert duo samples every flavor of Monster The Beast Unleashed and compares it to the original Monster flavors each is based on. Which flavors smell and taste like the original? The pair put it to the test. They don’t stop there. David and Kira also give taster notes on each flavor of these alcoholic drinks and rank them from worst to best.

Everything You Need to Know About Monster The Beast Unleashed

Monster The Beast Unleashed comes in a thrilling lineup of four flavors: Mean Green, White Haze, Peach Perfect, and Scary Berries. Mean Green is a flavor that pays homage to the original Monster Energy drink that started it all. If you’re a fan of the classic Monster taste, this one is sure to ignite your senses. Next on the list is White Haze, inspired by the citrusy goodness of Monster Energy Zero Ultra. As for Peach Perfect, it draws inspiration from the immensely popular Monster Energy flavor, Ultra Peachy Keen. And last but not least, we have Scary Berries, a thrilling fusion of mysterious berry flavors.

The Details

When it comes to the specifics, these flavored malt beverages (FMBs) by Monster boast an impressive 6% ABV (alcohol by volume). These drinks do not contain any caffeine. With only 130 calories per 12 oz serving and zero grams of sugar, you can indulge in these tantalizing FMBs without worrying about breaking your diet. The carbohydrate content ranges from 3 to 4 grams, depending on the chosen flavor.

But wait, there’s more! Monster has even grander plans for the future. Brace yourself for upcoming flavors such as Killer Kiwi and an enigmatic orange drink that’s yet to be named. That’s not all—the brand is also exploring the world of hard teas, promising more exhilarating adventures to come.

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