Video Review: Love City Hard Seltzer


Video Review: Love City Hard Seltzer

Who doesn’t want to take a trip to the US Virgin Islands? Love City Hard Seltzer transports you to the white sand beaches of beautiful St. John island (a.k.a. Love City) by offering a tropical and fruity taste experience. Seltzer Nation tasters David and Kira put these hard seltzers to the test. In this video, the duo tastes all four flavors of Love City Hard Seltzer, gives taster notes on each flavor, and ranks the flavors from worst to best. And that’s not all. David and Kira are hiding a surprise behind the bar!

Everything You Need to Know

Love City Hard Seltzer draws its name from its island of origin, St. John. St. John is the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The island is famous for its tropical climate, white sand beaches, and ocean reefs teaming with colorful fish. The small, tropical island also has a nickname, Love City. In an article on, the website publication reports that the locals are the ones who perpetuate this nickname. The article quotes one local as saying, “[Love City] works for St. John because it is a small, intimate community that is known for being safe and friendly,” he says. “[St John is] the honeymoon spot, the place where people go to get married.” Well, on this little island sits a brewery. And in this brewery, two best friends decided to create “the perfect hard seltzer line.” That hard seltzer line is Love City Hard Seltzer.

Love City Hard Seltzer comes in four tropical flavors, Hibiscus Pomegranate, Watermelon (with a hint of dragon fruit), Passion Fruit, and Mango Mandarin. The drinks contain 0 grams of carbs and sugar. These offerings use alcohol derived from cane sugar and are gluten-free. The alcohol content of these hard seltzers is 5% ABV. Unfortunately, there is a catch. According to the brand’s FAQs, you can only buy these hard seltzers in the US Virgin Islands. Meaning it’s time for a vacation to Love City!

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