The Best Canned Cocktails for your 4th of July Celebrations

The Best Canned Cocktails for your 4th of July Celebrations

The Fourth of July

Did you know that Americans have been celebrating the 4th of July since before the end of the Revolutionary War? The party started as soon as the forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence. And this party has lasted nearly two and a half centuries. The first celebrations were mock-funerals for King George III. Before the Declaration of Independence, the colonists celebrated the English King’s birthday every year with bell ringing, toasting, and parades. This was the form the first Fourth of July celebrations took. Celebrating the holiday with fireworks also came into the picture before the end of the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia held the first 4th of July firework display in 1777. It was well after the colonists won the Revolutionary War that the Fourth of July became the cocktail and beer drinking and family BBQ holiday we celebrate today.

Today, the Fourth of July is a holiday that unites us as Americans in our love of a good celebration. And it’s a holiday that unites families and friends in jubilation. Whether you’re throwing the party yourself or simply attending, it’s important to have the right beverage to accompany the moment. You want something that tastes delicious and feels perfect for the patriotic celebration. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, rebellious, or adventurous this Fourth of July, there is a canned cocktail to fit your mood. Maybe you’re feeling all three. We don’t judge. Instead, we’re right there with you. Here are three ready-to-drink canned cocktails that are ideal for sipping under a sky igniting with fireworks.

1. All Hands Craft Cocktails

All Hands Canned CocktailsOur first recommendation for the Fourth of July is Houston-based All Hands Craft Cocktails. The makers of these canned cocktails are real, down-to-earth Texans who formulated the recipes while hunting, fishing, and playing football. How much more American can you get?

These award-winning vodka soda canned cocktails come in Vodka Tonic, Raspberry Lemonade, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Cranberry, and Cherry Limeade. Each of the flavors brings a feeling of nostalgia for sweet, American flavors. Who doesn’t feel like a refreshing glass of lemonade or limeade on the Fourth of July? These lovely offerings are BBQ ready. All Hands makes their craft cocktails with premium, Grade 9, 6 times distilled vodka and all-natural fruits and veggies. Added to the delicious flavor, the alcohol content is at a 10% ABV. To put that into perspective, each can of All Hands canned cocktails contain the same alcohol content as two cocktails at the bar. Meaning that you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The brand gets its name All Hands from the phrase, “All hands on deck.” By this, they mean that they’re inviting all RTD lovers aboard to enjoy the flavor cruise that All Hands vodka sodas deliver. Everyone is invited to join the All Hands Good Fleet of craft cocktail lovers. You can buy All Hands premium canned cocktails in 12 oz single-flavor four-packs and flavor variety six-packs. They’re available to purchase online in 34 states.

2. Midnight Moon Moonshine

Midnight Moon MoonshineMidnight Moon is a brand that is quintessentially American. Born at North Carolina’s first legal distillery, they make their ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails with moonshine, or as the brand likes to call it, America’s Authentic Craft Spirit. These spirits-based RTDs aren’t holding back on the liquor either; the “official moonshine canned cocktails of summer” come with a whopping 8% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Midnight Moon canned cocktails are a cooler must-have on the 4th because of their 9x gold medal award-winning taste. Their moonshine canned cocktails come in three flavors perfect for American summer fun: Lightning Lemonade, Watermelon, and all-new Peach Tea. Midnight Moon blends their handcrafted moonshine with natural mixers and finishes their recipe with a hint of fizz, delivering a refreshing summer cocktail experience.

Midnight Moon has spent over a decade trailblazing the moonshine category by handcrafting authentic, all-natural spirits. Using 100% natural, 100% real ingredients, Midnight Moon is committed to the preservation of Southern moonshine traditions and celebrates the legacy of Nascar legend Junior Johnson. Embrace your inner Americana this 4th of July and toast to our spirit of independence with Midnight Moon canned cocktails.

Midnight Moon ready-to-drink moonshine cocktails are currently available at liquors stores in 25 states and select online retailers. Visit their website to find your nearest retailer or order online.


Canteen SpiritsFor our third and final recommendation, we head back to Texas – Austin, Texas. Ready-to-drink canned cocktail brand CANTEEN Spirits is a perfect choice for your Fourth of July celebration. CANTEEN Spirits is made with premium spirits, and they have three lines or “expressions” of ready-to-drink cocktails to choose from, CANTEEN Vodka Sodas, CANTEEN Gin Spritzes, and CANTINA Tequila Sodas. They pride themselves on their premium spirits, all-natural flavors, and low-calorie content.

CANTEEN Spirits canned cocktails come in thirteen unique flavors across their three expressions, including seven Vodka Soda flavors, three Tequila Soda flavors, and three Gin Spritz flavors. Their drinks contain only 99 calories, zero to two carbs, and zero grams of sugar. These offerings are lower in alcohol content than the other RTDs we featured here, coming in at 5% ABV for their vodka and gin expressions and 5.6% ABV for their tequila-based canned cocktails. The lower ABV makes these drinks sessionable, meaning that, regardless of your alcohol tolerance, you can enjoy a few cans while chatting with your friends.

Aside from this brand’s deep roots in Texas, what makes this brand so delightfully American is that they made their products with the adventurer in mind. Available in portable 12 oz cans, this brand wants you to take your canned cocktails on the trail, river, ocean waves, or ski slopes. As the brand says, “Grab adventure, grab flavor.” CANTEEN Spirits canned cocktails are available in all fifty states. You can find your nearest store or online retailer on their website.

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