Woodbridge Wine Sodas

Introducing “First-to-Market” Woodbridge Wine Sodas

When we think about white wine, we picture lines of grape vines stretching as far as the eye can see. We reminisce on the sweet and slightly tart aroma of a freshly uncorked bottle of Chardonnay. We picture sitting on the veranda, sipping from a wine glass, enjoying the crisp, refreshing flavor. Well, dash all of those imaginings! Wine is now fun, sweet, and ready to party. Woodbridge wines, a brand of winemaker Robert Mondavi, is giving us a new way to enjoy our wine. They just announced the “first to market” Woodbridge Wine Sodas. Unlike wine spritz, these wine sodas are full-flavor and reminiscent of your favorite sodas.

Woodbridge Wine Sodas“We at Woodbridge want to liberate drinkers to ‘Wine Your Way’ – to enjoy wine whenever, wherever, and however you want,” says Brand Vice President of Woodbridge, Serena Shrivastava, in a late-July press release.

Less Formal, More Fun

Woodbridge Wine Sodas come in three of your favorite soda flavors, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Orange Soda. Unlike most hard sodas, however, these wine sodas come with a higher alcohol level of 7% ABV. While these offerings have a lower ABV than Woodbridge Wines, a 7% ABV is higher than most hard seltzers and wine spritzes. It’s definitely a reason to celebrate if you like your drinks with a higher ABV. However, the good news comes with a catch. When we reached out to the brand to learn more about their nutritional information, they stated, “Per the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s policy, Woodbridge does not disclose the nutritional facts for Wine Soda due to it having an ABV of 7%.”

It seems that nutritional transparency may be a price you have to pay for a drink with a higher ABV. We guess it’s left to each of us to speculate about the calorie and carb content from the ingredients, and, thankfully, the brand was able to be forthcoming with them. They stated, “Wine Soda uses natural fruit flavors and California white wine in each of its 3 offerings.”

A New Way to Enjoy Your Wine

Woodbridge Wine SodaSo, how do Wine Sodas differ from Wine Spritzes? According to Serena Shrivastava, Brand Vice President of Woodbridge, it’s in combining the taste of soda with the quality of Woodbridge California Wine. She states, “Wine Soda is the first beverage of its kind and a true Wine Your Way innovation. Wine Sodas blend the flavors, sweetness, and pop of everyone’s favorite orange, grapefruit, and lemon & lime sodas with high-quality California white wine to deliver a completely new wine experience served up in a convenient ready-to-drink can.”

Woodbridge Wine Sodas are available in flavor-variety six-packs with two cans of each flavor. Woodbridge Wine Sodas are “officially” available nationwide, but you may not be able to find them at your local liquor store yet. When we struggled to find the Wine Sodas through multiple retailers, we reached out to the brand for clarification on the Wine Sodas’ availability. They stated, “Wine Soda officially launched in July and continues to rollout nationwide on Drizly, InstaCart and at local retailers where Woodbridge is sold. The Product Locator page on will continue to be updated with new available retailers.”

In other words: keep your eyes peeled. Woodbridge Wine Sodas will be lining the shelves of your local liquor store soon.

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