All Four Flavors of Monster’s The Beast Unleashed, Ranked


Monster’s The Beast Unleashed

Get ready to dive headfirst into an electrifying flavor expedition courtesy of Monster The Beast Unleashed. The flavors are: Mean Green, White Haze, Peach Perfect, and Scary Berries. With a potent 6% ABV (alcohol by volume), these drinks deliver a robust alcohol punch while steering clear of any caffeine jitters. Offering a refreshingly modest 130 calories per 12 oz serving and steering well clear of added sugars, these tempting FMBs promise a guilt-free treat. The carbohydrate content dances between 3 to 4 grams, contingent on your flavor of choice.

But what did our discerning Seltzer Nation reviewers have to say after putting these flavored malt beverages (FMBs) to the test? Below, you’ll find a succinct compilation of their insightful taster notes.

Watch the video review here.

All Four Flavors of Monster's The Beast Unleashed, Ranked

#4 Scary Berries

Scary Berries is a flavored malt beverage (FMB) iteration inspired by Monster’s Ultra Strawberry Dreams. Upon opening the can of Scary Berries, a distinct aroma greeted us, setting it apart from the original energy drink. It was stronger than the original, carrying the enticing scent of a strawberry milkshake. When we took a sip, we found a surprising contrast to the non-alcoholic counterpart. Some might argue that it’s not an improvement, as the flavor resembled a melted push pop popsicle or strawberry toothpaste. However, visually, Scary Berries adhered to Monster’s Ultra Strawberry Dreams vibrant look, maintaining the bright red hue. This visual consistency reinforced the brand’s identity.

All Four Flavors of Monster's The Beast Unleashed, Ranked

#3 White Haze

Monster’s The Beast Unleashed White Haze is based on Zero Ultra, and it retained the same milky color. Upon opening, an aroma reminiscent of a firecracker popsicle greeted us. When we took a drink, the super sweetness hit us, akin to candy. However, there was a peculiar note, a bit “danky” that lingered. White Haze offers a sweet flavor that diverges from the Ultra line. The firecracker popsicle scent and intense sweetness create an interesting sensory experience, though the “danky” undertone might be divisive.

All Four Flavors of Monster's The Beast Unleashed, Ranked

#2 Peach Perfect

Monster’s The Beast Unleashed Peach Perfect draws inspiration from Ultra Peachy Keen. As we cracked the can of Peach Perfect, an authentic peach scent wafted up, promising a fruity experience. Upon tasting, we discerned more than just peach. A subtle taste of kiwi and coconut added layers to the flavor profile. The visual aspect held true to Monster’s Ultra Peachy Keen, the flavor Peach Perfect is based on. It’s the perfect beach drink!

All Four Flavors of Monster's The Beast Unleashed, Ranked

#1 Mean Green

As we cracked open the can of the Beast Unleashed Mean Green, we were greeted by a familiar aroma that resembled the iconic Original Monster energy drink. The scent was a promising start. Visually, the product didn’t stray from its roots either, boasting the same vibrant, electric green color that Monster fans are accustomed to. Taking our first sip, we noted that the taste was strikingly similar to the classic Monster flavor we all know so well. However, there was a subtle bite of alcohol that set it apart.

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