All Flavors of Jarritos Cantaritos Hard Soda, Ranked

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Jarritos Hard Soda: Childhood Nostalgia Meets Adult Delight

Cantaritos Hard Sodas by Jarritos have taken the beverage world by storm, and here at Seltzer Nation, we’re thrilled to share our insights on these highly anticipated and long-awaited hard sodas. As adults, the once-beloved sugary drinks of our childhood often fall short of our refined palates, but Jarritos has managed to bridge the gap between nostalgia and sophistication with their colorful array of flavors. What used to scream “kids’ drink” now resonates with the promise of vibrant cocktails, thanks to Cantaritos Hard Sodas. In partnership with Anheuser-Busch, Jarritos has ventured into the world of alcoholic beverages, introducing a unique line inspired by the traditional clay jars that grace Mexico’s exuberant celebrations. With flavors like Mandarin, Pineapple, Tamarind, and Fruit Punch, these beverages promise to be a refreshing addition to your fiesta. Join us as we explore the taste, packaging, and overall appeal of these exciting hard sodas. So, which flavors will reign supreme? Find out as we delve into this spirited review of Cantaritos Hard Sodas!

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#4: Mandarin Jarritos Hard Soda

Mandarin, unfortunately, lands at the bottom of our list. It lacks a distinctive scent and comes across as overly sweet, almost like nectar. The taste closely resembles Jarrito’s orange soda, but with an orange rind bitterness that doesn’t quite hit the mark. While it’s not a terrible option, especially for those who enjoy intense sweetness, Mandarin Cantaritos Hard Soda falls short when compared to its more unique and refined counterparts in this lineup.

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#3: Fruit Punch Jarritos Hard Soda

Fruit Punch takes the third spot with a different approach to flavor. While it doesn’t boast a strong scent, it does offer a familiar and comforting taste reminiscent of southern shaved ice. The syrupy texture might not be for everyone, but it does give off the vibe of a good beach drink. While it may not have the complexity of some other flavors, Fruit Punch remains a solid choice for those seeking a touch of nostalgia in a hard soda.

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#2: Tamarind Jarritos Hard Soda

Tamarind, the runner-up in this hard soda lineup, offers a unique and captivating flavor experience. The moment you bring the can to your nose, you’re greeted with the intriguing blend of tea and citrus, setting the stage for what’s to come. As you take your first sip, the taste unfolds with hints of dates, creating a surprisingly fantastic blend. The harmony of flavors in Tamarind Cantaritos Hard Soda is truly commendable, making it a standout choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

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#1: Pineapple Jarritos Hard Soda

Cantaritos Hard Soda’s Pineapple flavor effortlessly claims the top spot in our rankings. From the moment you crack open the can, the delightful aroma of Dole Whip transports you to a tropical paradise. The taste is nothing short of exceptional, as it mirrors the pure essence of ripe pineapple. What sets this one apart is the absence of any lingering alcohol aftertaste, making it an easy and enjoyable choice. Most impressively, it avoids the taste of artificial sweetness, instead tasting like cane sugar. Whether you’re sipping it on the beach or just craving a taste of summer, Pineapple Cantaritos Hard Soda will not disappoint.

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