4 Christmas Present Ideas for Hard Seltzer Fans

4 Christmas Present Ideas for Hard Seltzer Fans

4 Christmas Present Ideas for Hard Seltzer Fans

Tis the season to be scrambling for last-minute gift ideas for your friends and family. Christmas is only 16 days away, and time is running short. It’s time to decide if you’re going to get your friends and family members something safe and familiar or go out on a limb and get something totally different, fresh, and new. Don’t get us wrong; you can never go astray with those tried-and-true gifts. If your Uncle Billy loves Star Wars memorabilia, he’ll probably love it even if he gets it from everyone… every single year. However, it’s always fun to go out on a limb with your presents and have a chance to give people their favorite gift of the year.

Here are 4 Christmas present ideas for the hard seltzer fans on your list.

Grinch Claw | Hard Seltzer | Christmas Cups

Image Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1329016605/

#1 Grinch Claw Hard Seltzer Christmas Cup by Makers Edition

We start with Christmas’ favorite anti-hero. Mr Grinch may have been a mean one, but he’s beloved by all. These Grinch Claw Hard Seltzer Cups hold 20 oz of hard seltzer. Not only that, they’re stainless steel and BPA free. The cups come with a lid and promise to hold “Spiked Sparkling Water with a Hint of Loathing.” You can buy these cups on Etsy, and Makers Edition will even personalize them for you.


Image Source: https://store.barstoolsports.com

#2 Nooners Swag from Barstool Sports

There are very few fandoms more loyal than the Nooners. High Noon Hard Seltzer fans are tried and true, and now, through a partnership with Barstool Sports, Nooners can buy everything from apparel to Cornhole Sets and High Noon Pong tables, ahem, we mean Beer Pong tables. You can even buy a High Noon Ugly Christmas sweater with twelve of High Noon’s thirteen flavors printed on the front. You can shop for this Christmas sweater and more on the Barstool Sports website.

Truly String Lights

Image Source: https://www.trulyoriginals.com/product/truly-holiday-string-lights/

#3 Truly Holiday String Lights

If High Noon fans are tried and true, then Truly fans are ride or die. Many Truly fans have stuck with the brand since it launched at a time before hard seltzer was even a thing. Truly has its own swag shop, and along with its apparel and cup selection, they offer an array of holiday gifts. You can get Christmas koozies, slippers, and beanies. But the crème de la crème of the holiday selection is the Truly Hard Seltzer Holiday String Lights. As a bonus, the swag shop is offering 20% off for the holidays with code TRULY20OFF (act fast, the code expires after tomorrow). The brand warns that if you want your order to arrive before Christmas, you have to order by 12/15 for ground shipping. Purchase any of these fabulous items on the Truly Originals website.

Craft A Brew Homemade Hard Seltzer Brew

#4 Craft A Brew Homemade Hard Seltzer Brew Kit

It’s always a good idea to share the Christmas spirit with a bottle of spirits. And, while we don’t want to discourage you from giving your friends a 12-pack of their favorite hard seltzer, consider giving them the Craft A Brew Homemade Hard Seltzer Brew kit instead. It’s a gift of a fun project with even better results. These hard seltzer kits include all of the supplies needed to brew your own grapefruit hard seltzer. The fermentation process takes about four weeks, and the kit produces a gallon of seltzer. The drinks are all-natural and gluten-free. You can find these kits on Amazon.

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